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Shock Rebuild, Liam Neeson Makes It All!

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Direct Unknown Unidentified Network 4: Direct Comment

the film”Unknown – no identityBy decoding a series of numbers written by his wife in his diary, Martin manages to find it and the woman suggests that he retrieve the bag at the airport. After doing so, Martin is kidnapped by two members of “Section 15”, a legendary secret team of mercenaries. Here is their plan: Martin Harris a false identity created to enter the German Congress and carry out a murder.Only divine intervention from Jenna will save Martin, who remembers that he actually went to Berlin in the past to plant a bomb in the suite of the Hotel Adlon, where Prince Shada was staying. To extricate himself, he tries to stop the operation and goes to the hotel with Gina. The two hotel security agents stop the two, but Martin convinces them to show footage of him at the hotel three months ago. The man realizes that the target was not Prince Shada, but Pressler, an agronomist who attended the conference, who developed a group Varieties of genetically modified corn are able to withstand any climatic conditions, thus solving the problem of food shortages. ).

Dr. Martin Harris Drama

It is now broadcasting on Rete 4″Unknown – no identityAfter losing practically everything, including his identity, Dr. Martin Harris is hospitalized in Berlin in a car accident. After witnessing the horrific scene in which his wife pretends not to recognize him, accompanied by another man claiming to be her husband, Martino leaves and returns to the hospital Smith kills one of the nurses who helps him. He tries to kill him later as well. Martin manages to escape and contact Jurgen, a private investigator who was recommended by the nurse shortly before his death. At this point in the movie, the scenes are very emotional: a suspenseful suspense thriller with the protagonist obsessing On the attention and hearts of viewers, who are fully compatible with him (adjective by F.D. Zaza).

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Unidentified Anonymous, January Jones in the cast

Among the main characters in anonymous without identity There is also the American actress and model Jan Jones born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on January 5, 1978, who is known above all for her performance in the series Mad Men, in which she played the character of Betty Draper. Instead, she made her film debut in 1999 in James Stern’s E’ madia while in 2001 she was included in the cast of Glass Prison.

There are many films with a specific response in which we remember above all the thieves, American Pie – Wedding, Shock Therapy, Dirty Dancing 2, Only for Vengeance, X-Men – The Beginning, I Love Radio Rock and The Three Burials and many more. Alongside him we also find Karl Markovic as Dr. Farge voiced by Francesco Vairano in the Italian version. The 1963 Vienna-born actor is best known for playing Agent Ernst Stockinger on the television series Commissioner Rex.

Anonymous without identity, intense psychological excitement

anonymous without identity It is “an intense psychological thriller that celebrates the extraordinary ordinary dialectic”. Marzia Gandolfi awards this action movie with Liam Neeson with three stars on MyMovies and is keen to stress: “Without the stylistic mark of Roman Polanski and the impossible and impossible connection of Paul Greengrass Colette-Serra, he creates a film with powerful expressive impact that recovers the thrill of chase, bewilderment, and anxiety. The flawless cast. Really contributes to success.” The movie is written in an interesting way and is a viable alternative to Christmas comedy for those who might not like this party and just and exclusively want to experience an action-packed evening. Looking closely at tonight’s TV guide, it seems to be the only alternative to holiday movies, a haven for those who want to live two hundred hours and have no intention of getting into the Christmas mood. Unknown Without Identity will fill the first evening of Boxing Day at Rete 4, click here for the live broadcast. click World Health Organization for the promotional video.

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Anonymous, Network 4 directed by Jaume Collet-Serra

anonymous without identity go on air Network 4 in prime time Today, Sunday, December 26. It’s a realization that has seen film companies from Germany, the UK and France collaborate on a theme based on the famous novel “Out of Me” by Didier van Cauffelert, while the script has been signed by Stephen Cornwell.

The direction was handled by Jaume Collet-Serra, and the editing is the result of Timothy Alverson’s work while the soundtrack was by John Ottman. In the actors they stand out among others Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, Jan Jones, Aidan Quinn, Bruno Ganz, Frank Langella and Sebastian Koch.

Unidentified Movie Plot: That Bag

Now let’s deal with Piece From anonymous without identity. the Dr. Martin for matters relating to his profession Especially for an important conference on biotechnology, he is in Berlin with his beloved wife, Liz. After landing at the airport they take a taxi to the hotel where they are supposed to spend, but once they reach the room He realizes he lost his bag Where were all the documents related to his speech during the conference. Convinced that the bag got lost at the airport, he quickly took the taxis back and was able to retrieve it, but despite himself would be the protagonist in a terrible accident that caused his car to fall into the river.

The accident is particularly dangerous but he managed to save himself thanks to the help of a taxi driver named Gina. Unfortunately Fear and severe shock cause a person to lose consciousness Who will wake up in a hospital bed after 4 days in a coma. The man would have completely removed everything that happened in the accident and would also realize that his identity had been incredibly stolen by someone. At this point, he needs to go to the hotel where he was staying, but realizes that his wife incredibly denies knowing him, and above all he is with a man who claims to be himself.

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All these strong emotions trigger a real shock in the man that requires a new rush to the hospital where he is adequately rescued, but he will have to deal with a dangerous killer trying to kill all the nurses and above all himself. Miraculously rescued, he turns to a private investigator named Jurgen who’s recommended by a nurse shortly before his murder. For the poor doctor, this will be the beginning of an incredible story made up of spy secrets and dark secrets that must be revealed for the good of mankind.

Trailer video for Unidentified Unidentified movie

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