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Milan, Scala on the bubble like a soccer ball for the first security. There is no mask on stage

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The San Siro is said to be Scala football. This time it will really be. On December 7, with Macbeth and President Sergio Mattarella welcoming the latest version of Prima as head of state, anti-Covid security protocols are being developed in La Scala to prevent quarantines similar to those used in the world of football. Protocols “We have worked very hard with Hospital Sacco and Professor Giuliano Rizzardini since the beginning of the epidemic and we are cooperating with Ats,” explained Superintendent Dominic Meyer. For this reason, there will be more tampons in the theater for those who cannot keep a mask, not once every three days but one every two days. Stores for those who deal with artists even if not long. And in the case of infection, the idea is to use “a system similar to that of a football where not all contacts are isolated but entered into a bubble”. Next, we call on all Piermarini employees to exercise the utmost caution. Regarding masks, if Lombardi stays in the white area “the orchestra will keep the mask, except for the trumpets which will remove it during the playing – the moderator added – while on stage they will not get it because director David Livermore does everything to keep your distance. The rule of thumb in the protocols is the distance and we want to follow that even if it is very difficult.” However, news of the excellent numbers arrives from the box office at the premiere and stage. Dominic Meyer explained that all of the race reruns have already sold out and that “we have also met our target in terms of season tickets” The campaign came the news of the organization of the premiere as part of the show held in La Scala of the national campaign for commercials to invite Italians to return to the stage, with the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini. According to the minister, with the increase in casualties, the “strictest” measures became “urgent”. He explained that The decision is up to the government and parliament, but “I think it is right to differentiate between who has the green pass because he has been vaccinated and who has taken the swab.”

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