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Giant ball removed from the beach in Japan, experts unravel the mystery

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No UFOs, no Goku’s spaceship, no Godzilla egg. Giant ball popping up on a beach Enshu in Japan It will just be a floating buoy. After days of hypotheses, somewhat imaginative, about the identity of the mysterious being that appeared on the banks of the riverThe Pacific Ocean, The local civil engineering office in Hamamatsu City gave the first opinion: “Just a foreign-made buoy.” After isolating the beach area and conducting X-ray examinations to ensure the safety of the body, in the past few hours, the authorities have taken the field for further investigations. there BBC Report the movement of the object from the shore and the first response from the engineering office. The professor also confirms the float hypothesis Mark Enal, oceanographer of the Scottish Oceanographic Society, quoted by the British broadcaster. She said, “It’s very popular.” BBC, “I understood from the first moment what it was, we use that stuff to keep the vehicles afloat in the ocean.” Inal also said he was surprised the metal ball wasn’t recognized more quickly. “It could be mistaken for a World War II mine, but if that were the case, it would have been a surge,” he reassured the oceanographer. And again: “Things can float in the ocean for decades and can lose their marks and rust, and buoys in particular can free themselves from being anchored in a violent storm or being towed by a large fishing trawler.”

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