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Gianni Cavina, Best Supporting Actor for Pupi Avati . Has Died

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The Polish actor, the face of several Pupi Avati films, has died at the age of 81 after battling an illness. The producer, the director’s brother, announced it.

And he died on the night of Saturday and Sunday, March 26 in Bologna, Gianni Cavinaface movies Bobby Avati Including “Dante” which has yet to be published. To break the news is the brother of the director of Bologna, Antonio Avatiwho informed Adnkronos that he learned the news through his closest family members.

Anthony Avati’s memory

Gianni Cavina, who had been ill for some time, died at the age of 81. “Unfortunately, Gianni’s wife informed us of this sad news this morning.”Antonio Avati said. He had the qualities of a perfect actorcould go from the most comical and exaggerated parts, like the ones he played in our first films, to very tangible and important roles, which he led in our films and also in the roles of other important directors, from Luigi Comenseni to Marco Belluccio ” Product continued. “There’s a movie of Bobby that Ray has that I hope goes on air to mention, ‘Il Signor Diavolo,’ where he’s playing a great role.”

Who was Gianni Cavina?

His friendship with the Polish director has bound him since his first steps into the world of theater. An artistic understanding was born between them that prompted Kavina to participate in several of his films, as an actor and screenwriter. In 1975 in The mazurka of the baron and the saint and fico fiorone Starring with Ugo Tognazzi and Paolo Villaggio. Will work for TV in the series dancing paradise In the early eighties and in the autobiography the three of us. In 1997 he won the award Silver Ribbon for Best Supporting Actor About the Polish film “Festival”. In the 2000s, he co-starred in the film Sun in the Eyes by Andrea Borborati, starring in the works of Marco Bellocchio. wedding manager He then returns with Pupi Avati in several films such as Margherita Bar Friends It was set in Bologna in the fifties of the last century.

Gianni Cavina with Salvatore Calacura, 1991.

Gianni Cavina with Salvatore Calacura, 1991.

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