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Migros Asiago wins the 2022 Super Cup, is the sixth!

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there Migros Asiago Hockey Supermarket Wins his sixth Italian Super Cup, defeating my hostsUnderland Cavaliers.
Definitely not an easy match for Asiago, who found an organized and toned team that made the Italian champions work harder than one might think on the eve of the match. Barrasso can field Saraceno for the first time, but he will have to give up Moncada, Mascarene and Zampieri.

first half
The first half sparkled in the Wurth Arena, both teams put all their energy on the ice, and in this they are supported by many fans in the stands, as well as the colorful and noisy Giallorossi squad.
Asiago is the master of the ice in the first minutes of the game, but Betty is in great shape and always ready. The home keeper failed in the 8th minute: Manganelli’s descent ended with an ice shot rejected by Petit, picked up by Rutkowski and shot and fired back by the goalkeeper.
Soon, the Cavaliers had an excellent opportunity with Solomon’s shot from a good position, but Fazio grabbed it all. Asiago is still dangerous with the puck’s puck, so McShane touched one of the Eurogals champions by playing in front of goal with an applause that Petty eventually stopped. In the final minutes of the break, the hosts can play in powerplay style, but risk frustrating the goal with Finoro’s whistled penalty which then goes to waste.

the other half
In the second half, the Lions significantly reduced the rev, and the Cavaliers seized the opportunity to equalize the power with Harala, who receives on the left from Rimolato and puts the disc under the bar. Asiago responds angrily with Gasola four minutes later in a double-digit numerical superiority: Immediately after the clash won by McShane, the ball reaches the 24th defender who has torpedoed behind Petty. Asiago can run with Magnapusco and McShane, but the goalkeeper is ready. In the 18th minute in numerical superiority, Unterland tied again with Haarala passing the puck behind Fazio.

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the third time
In the third break, the hosts enter the net at the end of a powerplay after 3 minutes 54 seconds with Kaufman, who in front of goal is the fastest ever to reach on a free disc. The Giallorossi struggles to find the right tempo and to see the equalizer, you have to wait until 14 minutes, when McShane outnumbers the puck sends the ball to the posts corner and gives the equaliser to Migros. At the end of time, there is a good pressure from the stars, which nevertheless does not turn into a network.

over time
So we go to work overtime. Asiago started out strong, controlling the puck for a long time, but as soon as he lost it, Neiman hit a stunt bar. A few seconds pass and Sarachino is sent into the net by Rutkowski but he also hits an iron, this time to the left post. The Giallorossi have more and eventually “break through” with Vinoro, who collects a stray puck after an offer from Petty to Marchetti and turns it into the net.

Thus Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey won their sixth Italian Super Cup and first win of the season, after stopping in Jesenice and Innsbruck. The next participation of the star-studded team is set for Friday 16 September, when in Graz they will begin their journey in the Ice Hockey League.

Interland: Petit (Giovanelli), Kaufmann, Iger, Rimolato, Zerpeto R, Markola, Goldener, Corti, Galacetti D, Zerpeto G, Harala, Neiman, Prigente, Cocosca, Weiser, Galacetti G, De Nardin, Suelva, Solomon Pilsar, Gerardi, Oberuch.
ASIAGO: Fazio (Longhini), Forte, Gios, Porco, Misley, Vallati, Saracino, Stevan, Casetti, Rigoni F., Vankus, Gazzola, Rutkowski, Parini, Manganelli, Marchetti, Salinitri, Rigoni F., McShane, Finoro, Magnabosco.

Networks: 8:57 (A) 0-1 Rutkowski (Rigoni #19, Manganelli), 27:30 (U) 1-1 Haarala (Remolato, Wieser), 31:32 (A) 1-2 Gazzola (Finoro), 38 : 48 (U) 2-2 Haarala (Zerbetto G., Nyman), 43:54 (U) 3-2 Kaufmann (Kokoska, Brighenti), 54:06 (A) 3-3 McShane, 65:05 (A) 3-4 venoro (Marquette)

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