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It is no longer a safe place

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There are many accounts leaving the social network that Musk just bought: the reasons are often linked to the rules of moderation that open the doors to hate speech.

Musk buys Twitter and stands at Champion of freedom of expressionexplains that The rules of moderation will be changed radically. However, the flip side of freedom of speech is a free den for all. The fear is that Twitter will turn into a file Parler 2.0 (Social far right). Indeed, racist insults and memes increased exponentially hours after the Musk acquisition.

Here’s why celebrities take a stand: There are these chooses to cancel his accountwho threatens to do so, and from Post annoying tweets About the potential dangers in the new kingdom of Misk. Many feared that the platform ushered in an era of hate.

The stars that side with musk

LeBron Jamesa basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, writes, “I don’t know Elon Musk, and to be honest, I don’t care who owns Twitter. But I hope he and his staff take this role seriously because there’s one thing really scary: Now a lot of people say hate speech is just freedom of expression. “

Shonda Rhimesthe creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Bridgerton and Scandal is even more radical, and is officially closing her profile with 1.9 million followers. “I’m not interested in anything Elon has planned. Hey,” she writes and leaves.

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King StephenInstead, he chose to bargain directly with Musk. “20 bucks a month to keep my blue ticks? Damn, they should pay me.” If they set up this thing, I’ll leave like EnronOr the American multinational oil company that suddenly collapsed in 2001. Musk replies and raises, “We have to pay the bills somehow! Twitter can’t rely on ads alone. How about 8 dollars? And the king closes it like this: “It is not money, It is a matter of principle“.

Why do celebrities leave Twitter?

The trail of those who leave gets longer and everyone leaves one last tweet explaining why they chose to close the account. Singer Toni Braxtonwinner of seven Grammy Awards, which has more than 1.8 million followersHe said he wasn’t comfortable.Hate speech under the veil of freedom of expression“.” I choose to stay away from Twitter because it is no longer a safe place for me, my children, and other black people,” Braxton adds, closing the profile. Increased almost 500% in 12 hours Immediately after the conclusion of the contract.

As follows Ken Olinserial producer this is us, who had already announced in April his intention to delete his account if Musk bought Twitter. He keeps his word and writesOutsideUsers are urged toprotect our democracy‘, he adds, ‘Let’s keep the faith. Let’s try to be kinder. Let’s try to find peace in the world. “

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actress Tia LeoniBest known for starring in the political drama “Madam Secretary” on CBS, she greeted her parents 124K followers: “Hi everyone. I’m leaving Twitter today, to see where we are when the dust settles.” Even the singer Sarah Bareilles Close your account, e Brian Kopelman, The director of the “Billions” program said that his followers can find him on Instagram and TikTok.

Banned account problem

Twitter’s other big issue is the fate of banned accounts. Elon Musk tweeted: “They won’t be able to come back to Twitter until the social media platform has a clear process for doing so.” But it seems to be so Just a matter of time. In fact, the new “Chief Twit” has publicly stated what it is Contrary to life ban. How do you not think about it? Donald Trump (which Twitter has banned forever). “The obvious process for doing thisMusk also tweets but it extends the time and that is why it is very difficult for the former president to be able to land on Twitter again. Just in time for the November 8 midterm elections. Also on the waiting list Kanye WestBanned from the social network of anti-Semitic messages.

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