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“It affects the dignity of our family.”

The Gucci family No time wasted. Five days after the US theatrical release of Gucci HouseThe heirs have already declared that “the film is far from accurate” and say they are ready, if necessary, to take legal action against Ridley Scott’s latest efforts. NS Cinematic Transformation From the turbulent history between Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani, the director chose an excellent cast – from Lady Gaga ad Adam DriverGive Jared Leto Even Al Pacino – Yet one of these guests was at the center of the controversy.


If the family initially complained that “the feature film production did not bother” to consult with him, another point of contention was the decision to participate in the set by Al Pacino, who plays Maurizio’s uncle in the film. Aldo Gucci. They said Al Pacino did not physically represent Aldo Gucci – Scott explained in a reported interview Madame Le Figaro -. Honestly, how can they be better represented than Al Pacino? The actors in the movie may be the best in the world, you should consider yourself lucky.”

For the director, the creators of the film were “respectful” of Gucci’s personal story, but for the descendants of the designer, family members were represented as “ignorant thugs and insensitive to the world around them.” “This is very painful from a human point of view and an insult to the legacy upon which the brand is built,” reads the letter issued by the heirs, who described the film as “puzzling.”

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Another challenge relates to the “paradoxical” treatment of Patricia Reggiani’s character, “who is portrayed not only in the film, but also by members of the cast, as a victim trying to survive a male chauvinistic corporate culture.” It confirmed Gucci, which does not rule out legal action against the film. “The Gucci family reserves the right to use any means necessary to protect the name, image and dignity of its members and loved ones.”

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