September 28, 2023

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A fan wrote a 400-page compendium of information about the game Bethesda –

A fan wrote a 400-page compendium of information about the game Bethesda –

Like other Bethesda Softworks titles, starfield It’s not exactly a casual game, and the waiting levels that set it apart can be summed up pretty well in this case, where a fan books Compendium of over 400 pages with all the information collected in the respective game.

This isn’t much of a surprise to extend the doc, even if it’s really great, but rather because it’s based on information largely drawn from trailers, interviews, and rumors, given that Starfield has yet to be released and has yet to receive very detailed introductions.

In fact, the work done by user “Gokamo” spans a decidedly long period of time, and covers all details From the official announcement until today, passing through leaks, stolen materials and possibly related to the 2018 build, and then all the official information that arrived recently.

Even the title of the document, “An Attempted Complete Complete Post-E3 2022 Starfield Compendium,” makes it clear that it is as complete a collection as possible of information gathered in any way, but above all with information from the first official presentations.

Conclusion, which can be referred to in this is the addressis divided into different sections that can be easily navigated from the menu shown on the left and really takes into account everything that has appeared so far in Starfield, but with more extensive detail in terms of items that Bethesda has officially presented such as the Xbox Game Showcase, Bethesda Showcase of 2022 and the various details taken From the official website, from public updates and more.

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In the meantime, we are waiting for information about the official presentation event dedicated to Starfield which was announced by Microsoft but does not have an exact date yet. Something was expected for this week based on some rumors, but for now everything is still muted. Except for Gokamo, who continues to expand his gigantic feed.