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Bradley Cooper as Steve McQueen will star in Spielberg’s new film based on Bullitt’s character.

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Bradley Cooper He will be the protagonist of the new movie from before Steven Spielberg based on character Frank Pollitt The San Francisco cop is known for its iconic turtleneck interpretation Steve McQueen in the movie bulit 1968. variety Shows that the text is in the hands Josh SingerScreenwriter spotlight And the the post, and that the process is being developed in the creative yards of Warner Bros. Pictures. Warner produced and distributed the original film directed by Peter Yates, based on the novel by Mute Witness. The number of a silent detective investigating the death of a repentant Mafia soon became the most explicit and magnetic interpretation of a more mature McQueen. Do not forget, for example, the chase through the streets of San Francisco, where McQueen, driving his dark green Ford Mustang (very fake), realizes that he is being pursued by two wounded men in a black Dodge and from the prey he becomes a masterful stalker.

bulit It was also a box office hit: a $4 million budget with $42 million in revenue. According to Deadline, Cooper will also produce the still-untitled movie with Spielberg and Kristi Macosko-Krieger producing. PerfectsThe film, now in post-production, is being directed by Cooper and stars conductor Leonard Bernstein. Steve McQueen’s children, Chad, and granddaughter Molly will also be among the executives of what will in no way be a remake. But kind of emanating from the original. Among other things, it appears that Spielberg prompted Cooper to direct Perfects After seeing the good work done behind the camera A star is born. Paths crossed between the Hollywood star and one of the world’s most popular directors once again after Cooper was chosen by an ET director in 2012 to play American Sniper’s Chris Kyle. Although Spielberg’s theme was more of a duel between American sniper Kyle and the Middle East at his center, which later became a true exploration of the hero’s sense of civic responsibility in Clint Eastwood’s version, Cooper was a cornerstone of Spielberg’s initial project. . Finally, two attempts to bring Bullitt back to the cinema failed: one with Brad Pitt and another with Jason Statham.

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