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The developers didn’t take well the tweet against the single player –

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There is a lot Developers Who commented on the tweet electronic arts Where the American publisher mocked those who still play in it single player. Then he apologised, but in the meantime the reactions rained down from everywhere and it wasn’t entirely positive.

As previously reported, Electronic Arts wrote: “They are beautiful but just love to play single-player titles.” The first to comment was Vince Zampella, from Respawn Entertainment, studio Apex Legends (multiplayer) but also from Star Wars Jedi, which are basically single player games.

In addition to him, he also commented on previous visceral games Zach Mumbachwho took the opportunity to remove some pebbles from his shoes and remembered: “This is the company that shut down my studio, fired 100 big developers, because we were making single-player games.

Then he launched the strongest criticism:Furthermore, taking a scale of 1 to 10 as a reference for the ratings, most EA games are 6 or 7. Not because the developers are clueless, but because multinational EA forces them to release them before they are ready. EA management won’t know how to identify “10” in terms of video games.

also Cory Barlog From Sony Santa Monica, the studio currently working on God of War: Ragnarok (single-player game) intervened just saying: “Single player games forever“.

It was also nice to chat with his wife Anna Barlog who commented on his post saying:do you want to leave me?And he answered:No, I want to play solo games with you.

publisher Annapurna Interactivewhich is entirely dedicated to single player experiences, instead commented on EA’s tweet saying:You should have kept it in the drafts.

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Twitch Streamer and YouTube The Act Man finally responded to EA with an image of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, a single-player game from Electronic Arts, asking if it was these things.

As previously reported, noting the public backlash, Electronic Arts has apologized and declared that it deserved all the criticism and jokes.

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