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Mercedes will remember nearly a million of its old models: they have brake problems

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Rome – Mercedes-Benz will almost call back million old modelsSentences – 993.407, to be exact – due to possible brake problems. Written by German news agency bearQuoting the Kba Automotive Authority.

The affected models were Produced between 2004 and 2015 And about 70,000 of them are in Germany. They belong, in particular, to the ML and GL SUV series. The recall also affects luxury R-series minivans

According to Dpa, the problem is related to brake booster wear which can cause the connection between the pedal and the brake system to break.

mercedes– Benz confirms the summons to another agency, French press: “In extremely rare cases of severe wear, this may be possible Especially strong or sudden braking It causes mechanical damage to the brake booster, resulting in a failure of the connection between the brake pedal and the brake system,” says mercedes.

“In such a rare case, it will not be possible to slow the car down with the service brakes. Therefore, this will increase the risk of an accident or injury.” The automaker claimed it It will start immediately with the summons. They will contact the owners of ‘potentially affected vehicles’.

“The recovery process will include inspection of potentially affected vehicles and, depending on the results of the inspection, replacement of parts when necessary,” says the group, which is asking customers “Do not drive” until inspection.

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