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HCMV Varese Hockey, New Logo Unforgettable Mastiff History

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New company, new logo In charge ofHCMV Varese HockeyTo seal a beginning you want to be a good omen for a virtuous path that begins in the best way.

A graphic and stylistic renewal was necessary to give shape to a cycle that was enthusiastically resumed, advertised in concrete form and a slogan capable of representing an important sporting reality of the city.

Now that there is an imprint on the letterhead, it is time to impress the mastiff too in the hearts of those who are not familiar with the history and traditions of this symbol, with the goal of engaging more and more people, fans and sponsors.

The circular emblem consists of two parts: an outer emblem and a central emblem. It is all meant to resemble a hockey puck, where the black outline suggests proportions and features. The central part is completely occupied by traditional mastiffThis is that cute and brave big dog who has accompanied the adventures of yellow and black hockey for decades, since the birth of his glorious history. yellow dog Surrounded by 13 original and historical stars A symbol of victory and ownership. These symbolize the ambition of wanting to return to the skies of national hockey by writing other pages of the history of the city of Varese. The inscription, Hockey Varese in italics, resumes the same one that appeared a few years ago on the team’s jerseys, and goes on to the flick of the original mastiff that was “in stock” for the municipality of Varese, which, with a great spirit of cooperation, was awarded the use of the new company.

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The top of the outer emblem, on a black background, is reserved for the word HCMV, while the word Varese appears on the left and the word Hockey on the right. There is a thin white line connecting the three words by giving Confirmation of the new company name HCMV Varese Hockey.

The outer motto (HCMV Varese Hockey) embraces the historical inner motto (Mastino), creating Consolidated and cooperative synergy between the new company name and the city of Varese.

creates file Important and symbolic meaningWhich represents, to the city and to the fans, a true identity. The new brand, resulting from the union of two distinct logos, has received an implementation full of meaning, leaving history and tradition as it is, and enhancing them, with the aim of continuing to be a part of them.

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