Home sport L’Ambrì mourns his “coach”: Sergio Gobbi has died

L’Ambrì mourns his “coach”: Sergio Gobbi has died

L’Ambrì mourns his “coach”: Sergio Gobbi has died

They remember him in Umbro as the “technical commissioner”, at a time when the word sporting director was not in fashion: for some time Sergio Gobbi, the historic “dis”, died at the age of seventy-five. Umbro Biota from the 80’s and 90’s. The RSI predicts the news.

He arrived at the management of the biancoblù after starting his career starting with the Interclub serving as a hat for the various entities that populate the world of biancoblù supporters, Sergio Gobbi has gone down in history as the person who managed to bring in the first foreigners from the former Soviet Union, making use of the knowledge he had in Russia. Thus, a new chapter was opened for the Leventense club, immediately after the huge coup recorded by the Friborg administration, which hired two legends such as Slava Bykov and Andrei Khomutov, and brought in players of the caliber of Peter Malikov and Yuri. To Ticino Leonov: the first comes from Moscow’s CSKA, the second is from Dynamo’s “cousins”. The arrival of the forwards ushered in a new era of champions who cracked the ice of Wallachia: from Dmitry Kvartalnov (arrived from the Boston Bruins organization in 1994) to Valery Kamensky (from the Quebec Nordiques, also in 1994), from Igor. Chepyrev (from the now-defunct Hartford Whalers in 1995) to Oleg Petrov. Even if the latter, who arrived in Umbro from the Montreal Canadiens at the start of the 1996/1997 season, arrived in Ticino when Sergio Gobbi had recently handed over his position to Raffaele Gelmini and Fiorenzo Panzera, under the late Emilio Gori.


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