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Space, contracts for Cira: check for errors that reveal conspiracies

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May 12 will be the day of the review session. On the day when Sergio Orsi and his son Adolfo, together with the other suspects affected by the Cira purchase order, will face the final test: the debate before the judges of the Court of Review in Naples. It will be a test ground to assess the work carried out by the Public Prosecutor of Naples and Investigating Judge Isabella Iasily on the precautionary front.
Sera Purchases, what a bargain! It was enough to find two interior “hooks” at the Italian Space Research Center in Capua and plan a well-built display. And these “hooks”, according to the anti-mafia prosecutor, had names and nicknames: engineer Vincenzo Filomena of Ariano Irpino and Francesco Peruzzi of Trentola d’Centa, along with Carlo Rosso, the only one of the three from Serra who answered all the questions. Questions of the Prime Minister and the investigative judge during the interrogation of the guarantee.
Others took advantage of the right not to answer. But what comes out of the investigation papers? Certainly, the need for business arises to find the man who could have served as a messenger between Orsi and Peruzzi, later identified as Amedeo Gracia, the former municipal councilor of Trentola d’Centa. And in 2020 investigators inserted a virus into Grassia’s cell phone because it was intercepted while making arrangements to meet, outside the area, with the now-repentant former killer of the Casalesi clan, Dario de Simon.
Meetings in which, according to the anti-mafia prosecutor, other people from the local politics of Trentino participated. Thus, from the investigation someone else was born: Gracia, a duty nurse in San Cipriano de Aversa, in June 2020, was followed and spied on by the Public Prosecutor’s Office while going to Giovanni Cusano d’Italia Viva in San Nicola la. Strada. It’s spring two years ago: in the car, with him – according to the information – also Sergio Orsi with Agostino and Luca Iovine. The four were surprised, in the cockpit, as they talked about speculation: a garage construction at the exit of Nola-Villa Literno State Road, towards Villa Literno. According to the investigations, the land in question could have been confiscated in Operation Spartacus I (now there is a former cement warehouse of the Pave de Ricchia Piton); The four talk about a business opening project (mechanical workshop) similar to that of Iovine. At that point Grassia would have intervened explaining that such a reality actually exists near the Lusciano Via junction where there is now a “Motel 24”. About the speculation of Villa Laterno and Gracia of him being an alleged “messenger”, investigations are still ongoing. While the story of the engineer Filomena del Serra seems “closed”.
What would Filomena get in exchange for information on Sergio Orsi’s contracts? According to the DDA of Naples, he was not only going to receive “bribes” equal to 5 percent of the amount of work, but also a “payment” for his son, who dreamed of joining the Air Force. Practically speaking, then Sergio Orsi will be interested in recommending R. Filomena, who was preparing to conduct short tests for the Air Force or, again according to the reconstruction, entry into a subsidiary of Leonardo. In short, a huge picture of clues will be dismantled for the suspects. Lawyers Mario Grifo, Renato Lascelli, Carlo de Stavola and others are participating in the investigation.

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