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Dario Bressanini: The Relationship Between Science and Comic Superheroes

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Dario Bressanini.

Naples – What is the relationship between science and comics? This is the question that Dario Bressanini Invited to discuss Saturday 23 April 2022 On the occasion of the second day of the exhibition Naples comicon In the Mostra d’Oltremare from Fuorigrotta. Immediately, the question seems to couple two worlds that have no common points. Instead, the well-known scholarly writer stunned those present with a short but detailed font tendency On topics and topics that linked scientific research and comics from the early thirties to the sixties. The show was managed by Matteo Stefanelli.

Dario Bressanini at the Napoli COMICON on April 23, 2022.

Exactly what was the title of the meeting? “Physics and Chemistry in Superheroes. A History of Science in Comics Narrated by Dario Bressanini”. Bressanini (class 63) He is an important Italian chemist, academic and essayist who has always been a huge fan of comics. In fact, in 2020 he was already a member of COMICON / Micheluzzi جائزة Prize Jury. In the Italy room So he took the opportunity to relive the role that scientific studies have played in American comic storytelling.

to start From 1938 to the 1950s we have the famous golden age that gave birth to superheroes like Superman in the head and then batman, ruby, wonder woman, flash, green lantern, Atom, Hochman and Aquaman. Everything happened ad. there marvel Rather in the same period gave birth human torchto namur it’s captain America. Either way, the connection between the main characters and the science was really weak. To justify the powers, authors often chose more fictional means of narration. for example Superman In fact, he was an alien from another planet.

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Dario Bressanini at the Napoli COMICON on April 23, 2022.

From 1956 to the years between 1969 and 1971 is the era of the Silver Age Where was the creativity of superheroes in American comics in golden age. In the 1950s, there was in fact a temporary collapse in sales of superhero comics that have found new success in recent decades. From the seventies onwards Caricature She will be able to dazzle the audience not only in the United States, But also Italian. At this point, thanks to new scientific discoveries, chemistry and physics timidly begin to pollute the narrative themes of comics. Mathematical formulas, elements of the periodic table, physical principles, test tubes, and works are gradually becoming more frequent. Sometimes the same staunch enemies embody the stereotype of “Mad World”. On other occasions, it is the heroes themselves who use research and technical application to advance their own tools for good in the fight against evil. Since then, the partnership between science and comics has continued to this day with great energy and charm.

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