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Record figures for Eurojackpot and Lotto Brandenburg

Record figures for Eurojackpot and Lotto Brandenburg

Last Friday brought records in the Lotto in several respects. In Norway and Finland, players succeeded in winning the Eurojackpot, which has grown to 89 million euros. At the same time, the Land Brandenburg Lotto GmbH (LBL) reported that in 2021 the highest stakes of the past ten years were recorded. Check more news at 888 casino review.

Eurojackpot: 2 million EUR go to Stuttgart

Before last Friday’s draw, the Eurojackpot had grown to its highest value of the year, 89 mln EUR. The Eurojackpot is now shared by two players from Norway and Finland, who correctly picked the winning numbers 1, 8, 33, 38 and 43 and the two Euro numbers 2 and 6.

There were also two winners in prize category two, one from Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg and a second from Estonia. They each won around EUR 2 million.

As of the next draw next Friday, the chance of winning the first prize in the Eurojackpot will decrease. This is because it will only be 1:140 mln instead of the previous 1:95 mln. However, a second draw on Tuesday will be added to the last Friday draw.

However, lottery players set records on Friday, and the lottery company Land Brandenburg Lotto (LBL), presented its balance sheets.

Stakes of EUR 213.3 million

According to LBL, players in Brandenburg would have wagered 213.3 million EUR in 2021, 200000 EUR more than in the previous year. With the increase of 0.1 %, the highest level of the past ten years was reached in the stakes.

The highest share of stakes was in the Lotto 6aus49 with a share of 55% and €117 million; six jackpots worth more than 30 million EUR played a significant role. LBL Managing Director Anja Bohms explained:

“Reaching the magic limit for the guaranteed jackpot payout of EUR 45 million is always in the customers’ focus. This run last started in December 2021 and occurred at the beginning of 2022, resulting in a Brandenburger won €7.5 million in the process.”

The Eurojackpot had not been able to build on its unusually high jackpots in 2020. In 2020, the Eurojackpot reached the maximum amount of 90 million EUR in six draws. In 2021, this was the case only three times. This would have been reflected in the stakes.

It remains to be seen whether the stakes in the Eurojackpot will increase again this year due to the adjustment of the prize schedule with possible peak jackpots of up to 120 million EUR in the future.


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