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Matilda Giuli, have you ever seen your brother Francesco? The similarity is disarming

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Actress Matilda Gioli – Source: Official Instagram Profile

Have you seen Mathilde Giuly’s brother before? The similarity between the two is really amazing!

The beautiful Mathilde Gioli, actress with icy eyes and a dazzling smile in the midst of a perfect moment to say the least. Her career is to see her move from set to set, taking on roles that are different and intense with each other. Among these, Fernanda Wittgens stands out, a figure who was already in the twentieth century.

The series, which was broadcast in prime time on Rai 1 on January 31, was a great success, especially from the audience, who had the opportunity to discover and get to know this great woman better. In fact, it has the advantage of being able to save many works of art located in Milan during the bombing of the two world conflicts.

Is Mathilde Giuly in crisis with her boyfriend?

As often happens, when a career booms, private life begins to creak. Or at least that’s what someone thought it best to say. Apparently, Matilde Gioli has been romantically linked to horseback riding instructor Alessandro Marcucci for over a year, and she is by no means single. Some well-thought or unenlightened mind believed that the story between the two had ended because there were no pamphlets from Matilda intended for Alessandro.

A very common mistake that belongs to those who constantly live on social media rather than real life. The truth is, Jiuli, just to silence the rumors, promptly addressed them by writing a love-filled thought: “I realized that I loved him because I didn’t love anyone or anything.”

Matilda Giuli and her brother

Matilda Gioli on the field with her brother – Source: Official Instagram profile

Unusual similarity between Matilda Giuli and her brother Francesco

Perhaps not everyone knows that sweet Matilda is not the only child. She is the eldest, soon after comes Filippo, then Francesco and finally Eugenia, very similar to her older sister. But of all these, the most striking resemblance is precisely with Francesco, who also resembles his father, Stefano, who died a few years ago. Unlike his sister, the boy works in the fashion industry, where he brings to bear marketing and digital PR experience for the Pinko brand.

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The deep bond, especially after the death of a parent, becomes increasingly stronger, even though everyone lives a different life. However, there is a passion that unites Matilda with Francesco and often sees them together on the field: Inter.

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