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Aiways U6, from China, comes the new electric SUV coupe

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An electric variant in the compact SUV segment arrives from China: we’re talking about the new Aiways U6 SUV Coupé. Its safe and dynamic design impresses with its aerodynamics, combined with the manufacturer’s developed AI-PT powertrain, ensuring maximum efficiency: with 160 kW of power, it guarantees exceptional driving dynamics.

The characteristics that relate to the standard equipment of the car and the connection are also excellent. start As of today, October 21, 2022Given the pre-launch phase that will arrive towards the end of the year, it will be possible to express interest in the new Aiways U6 SUV Coupé directly on the website.

Marco Saltamacchia, Executive Vice President and CEO of the Koelliker Group, stated: “Aiways’ growth gives us a lot of confidence in the prospects for the Italian market: it confirms innovative vision That we got since the first effect with the brand. Its growing popularity, coupled with positive impressions and judgments that exist regarding the U5, gives us all the necessary assurances to continue investing in this brand and the arrival of the U6: a sporty, elegant and ground-breaking SUV coupe, particularly in terms of technology, style and sustainability.”

The new U6 SUV design

Today, the new electric coupe SUV is distinguished by completely new technical solutions, which also have a very positive effect on the dimensions of the car. Aiways managed to capture the attention of the public in just 4 years, Take advantage of the presence advantage Young, brilliant and innovative reality. Thanks to this, it develops and produces zero-emission vehicles, with technological and aesthetic results that have revolutionized our concept of everyday mobility.

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In addition to Benefits Thanks to the spacious interior, the large side surfaces of the SUV coupe body open up new design solutions. For example, the design team used the front and rear body sides to accentuate the car’s muscular character. Slightly sloping windshield and tapered pillars flow into the gently curved black top, making it appear Elegant U6. The roof, made largely of stained glass, is the strongest in the auto industry today. The design resulted in a technically innovative SUV coupe with a sporty feel.

Aiways U6 Interiors

Aiways U6 interior is open A new chapter in automotive design. The long wheelbase gives the car a feeling of unique and generous spaciousness, so Aiways designers created a stylish interior. The dashboard becomes an important element of style and the 14.6-inch center screen is eye-catching. The frame behind the steering wheel is perfectly integrated into the horizontal support structure that emphasizes the width of the vehicle.

The SUV Coupe was introduced to the market as an innovative long-range battery electric vehicle featuring elegant and sporty looks and advanced technology. Weighing only 1790 kg, the SUV is light in weight An excellent position in the all-electric vehicle sector Available in the market.

the engine

The ability to make the most of energy is the primary goal of the Aiways R&D team in Shanghai. with electric motor SUV U5 (price list)Aiways was honored for its outstanding performance, including Autonomy 400 km. The new unit, especially powerful – 16,000 rpm, nearly 25% higher than similar cars – is more compact and lighter thanks to the wide range of usable speeds. For its electric motor, Aiways saved up to 15% of its weight. In the SUV Coupe Aiways U6The increase in performance and the improvement in maximum torque can be immediately noticed: just 6.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h. One of the best personalities in this sector.

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After the U5 comes the new SUV coupe U6 which It will be available in the European market from the end of 2022.

The company plans to release a new model every year.

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