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Spiders, film review with Patrick Muldoon and Sidney Sweeney

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Spiders movie review, a movie about the invasion of Manhattan by giant extraterrestrial spiders, as the military tries to contain the situation and exploit it to their advantage. On Italia2 and Amazon Prime Video.

Part of a Russian space station crashed on our planet, specifically in New York City, Bring unwanted guests. A subway technician went to inspect the crash site, an underground track, but was in shock A spider of extraterrestrial origin He loses his life shortly after, as he falls on one of the electrified bars.

3D Spiders: Giant alien spiders attack the subway

3D Spiders: Giant alien spiders attack the subway

As we tell you in Spiders reviewThe American army immediately goes there, hides the truth from public opinion, and organizes a mass evacuation of the area with the occupation forces. Fake news about an alleged infection Of lethal substances. In fact, the military is interested in the plate produced by the Queen of the Nest, which could be useful for developing protective armor for use in various wars around the world. Jason, an official in the subway control room, will remain involved in the case against his will, and… To save his family He'll have to deal not only with the cruel Colonel Jenkins but also with those overgrown spiders who started him Panic sowed to the surface.

Size question

3D Spiders: Giant alien spiders attack the subway

3D Spiders: Giant alien spiders attack the subway

The Italian poster prominently quoted the slogan “8 legs, 3 sizes, 1 big disaster” to emphasize how the film was accompanied in its theatrical release With the help of 3DThis is in an attempt to attract viewers who are enthusiastic about the aforementioned technology. Not that watching with glasses can significantly improve the quality of a title that competes with the worst productions seek refugeWithout She doesn't even have that rebellious sarcasm That characterized the epic Sharenado Or imitation. Since the nightmares generated by sperm Tarantula (1955) to reach a more realistic range than other e.g Arachnophobia (1990), spiders on the big screen often inspire terror, especially in viewers who embrace nature It is one of the most common phobias towards these eight-legged creatures.

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From monster to monster

Spiders 3D: Patrick Muldoon with Christa Campbell in a fantasy horror scene

Spiders 3D: Patrick Muldoon with Christa Campbell in a fantasy horror scene

The creatures here are made of Awesome computer graphics special effectsWhich appears fake not only in its animation but also in the interaction with the human characters and environments A trivial offer Which lasts for an hour and a half on tense solutions that are very obvious and predictable, and go hand in hand with banality A narrative that relies on all archetypes Classics of the genre. This is the typical law enforcement family – husband, wife and pre-teen daughter – who finds themselves personally involved in this extremely dangerous situation, which ends up in the crosshairs of a military willing to do anything to cover up this case and Use those giant spiders for purposes less than noble waras tradition teaches.

Do not open this tunnel

3D Spiders: Sidney Sweeney is trapped in strange webs

Spiders 3D: Sidney Sweeney is trapped in strange webs

A limited budget prevented the film from actually being shot in Manhattan, but the setting was reconstructed – in a completely implausible manner – in Bulgaria on a set specially created to be reminiscent of Greenwich Village, with somewhat unexpected results. a Mise-en-scène is filtered by a desaturated image, with tones tending towards dark and dusky colours, perhaps designed to hide the fragility of the whole. exit Tibor Takacsknown to horror film fans, especially for the double feature film Don't open that gatedoes what he can but has to deal with the conceptual and writing limits of the process in which He takes himself too seriously for a second-rate soul What distinguishes him. A small curiosity in the cast: if we actually find out in the guise of the nameless protagonist Patrick Muldoon – Already a star Melrose Place And Starship troopers (1997) – It should be noted that there is a very young girl Sidney Sweeney – One of the most successful actresses at the present time – in the role of the daughter to be saved.


Debris from a Russian space station that crashed into a New York subway sparks panic after giant spiders infected with alien DNA begin roaming underground. While the army intends to exploit the situation to its advantage and hide the truth from public opinion, a man tries to save his family, which is in grave danger. As we told you in our review of Spiders, which was accompanied by its theatrical release in 3D, we find ourselves in front of a monster movie devoid of flash and self-irony, which relies on predictable solutions and has to deal with a limited budget in managing the ever convincing special effects. A process that makes you miss more successful classics, which neither frighten nor entertain in an hour and a half of boring stagnation.

Because we love it

  • Some jokes and situations make you smile, perhaps involuntarily.

what is wrong

  • Medium special effects.
  • An uninspiring cast deals with caricatured characters.
  • The scenario is embarrassing.

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