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Matilda Gioli and Francesco Montanari on the set of “Runner” in Gasparina

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ROME – Filming is underway for Gasperina’s Runner, directed by Nicola Barnabas and starring Matilda Gioli and Francesco Montanari. Produced by Camaleo, a film production company based in Rome, distributed by Plaion Pictures which has acquired all rights, funded by a call to support audiovisual productions in Calabria – 2022 by the Calabrian Film Commission and with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, the “Runner” – which has started Filmed on February 8 – is an action thriller starring Lisa, a 25-year-old girl who has dreamed of cinema since she was a child. For her, the role of the runner is an important milestone: it is her arrival in the world of cinema, but also the starting point of a brilliant career. He is finally on set, entering into a relationship with Sonja, the protagonist and star of the movie. What more could you want from life? What could go wrong? But the actress has a dark past that comes back to search for her at the most unexpected moment. Lisa is forced to flee after being accused of killing Sonya. Lisa runs, saves her life, and searches for evidence that will exonerate her and allow her to convict her of the real killer.

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“Runner” is an adrenaline-pumping, claustrophobic thriller set entirely in a hotel cut off from the world. The narrative model is inspired by films such as Die Hard and Trap on the High Seas. The idea is to tell the story in real time, 90 minutes starting at dawn when the crew finishes filming and Lisa Sonia returns to the nearby hotel. A present-day action movie with a rhythmic sweep that keeps the viewer glued to their seat.

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