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Virno in space, students become astronauts in the Askleboa project

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Ferno – The students were isolated for two weeks as if they were on another planet. And they conduct scientific experiments coordinated by workers on the ground. It is about PAsclepios international projectWhich witnesses universities from all over the world participating with their students in an extraordinary adventure. Ferno is also involved in the initiative And on Saturday, December 3, it will be shown in the Council Hall at 5:30 pm.

The project

Asclepios International Project It is made by students from universities around the world It was coordinated by the Polytechnic University of Lausanne in collaboration with AdaaIt is an association that aims to spread the scientific culture related to space exploration, through the disciplines of astronautics and astronautics. what is he talking about? University students from all over the world are organizing a real space mission, Which consists of training the crew of a simulated space station on Earth at Gotthard Castle and the relevant control room personnel. The boys are isolated for two weeks and conduct science experiments coordinated by the ground crew.

the offer

Presentation open to the public will be attended by: Luigi Biscimenti (head performer), Alessandro Barazetti (performing secretary), Federica Tower (Chief Financial Officer Asclepios) e Sarah Maestroni (performing member). Regarding Lausanne, there will be Veronica Orlandi, who leads the Asclepios project. This is today’s programme:

  • 17.00 – the hall opens
    • 17.30 – Opening of the works of Luigi Pezzimenti, Head of the Adaa Center. A salute from the city authorities followed
    • Federica Torre Cfo Project Asclepios “Asclepios: Similar Astronauts”
    • Contact Veronica Orlandi, Asclepios Project Manager
    • Sarah m. Maestroni, ADAA member “Psychological investigation on similar astronauts”
  • 19.00 Closing of the work of Mr. Alessandro Parazzetti, Performance Secretary
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Space students ferno astronauts – MALPENSA24

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