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The Iliad, free chocolates in stores for Halloween

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The Iliad stuns again with a screaming Halloween gift. “Trick or… treat?” Here’s how to get it.

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From emails, to social networks, to instant messaging appsThere are already many tools available to us, with which we can communicate at any time with people and companies even geographically distant. To be able to use these services, of course, you have to incur costs, such as the costs of calling, sending SMS or surfing the Internet.

The offers suggested by various telecom operators, with The Iliad, in particular, ready to amaze again with a scream gift for the occasion of a party Halloween. But what is it and above all how to get it? Let’s get into the details and find out together.

The Iliad, a screaming Halloween gift: Free chocolate in stores

The Iliad Release Fourth place in the series Why tell us stories?. An advertising campaign focused on the topic of truth, in this case relating to noodles of points of sale. Transparency, on the other hand, is one of the distinguishing values ​​of a well-known mobile operator, which intends to once again amaze with a truly screaming gift.

For the Halloween holiday, this is Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 OctoberThe Iliad will offer chocolates to all those who show up at one of the Iliad stores in Italy. “trick or treat?It is the name of the special initiative through which the Iliad intends to celebrate Halloween with its clients. In this regard, we read in the posts published on the official social channels: No hidden costs, even Halloween is sweet. Come to our stores this weekend and collect your chocolates“.

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A very tasty initiative, thanks to which Iliad once again managed to amaze her customers and others, and at the same time sweeten the day of anyone who decides to go to one of the stores in Italy. In addition to collecting the sweet gift, it is also possible to take advantage of it to activateGiga width 120, with 120 GB of mobile traffic, unlimited minutes and text messages for just €9.99 per month.

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