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New upcoming movies and series for subscribers –

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October 2022 Now on us and Disney + It conveys the upcoming news to subscribers of the video service in terms of TV series and movies Which can be seen in the catalog starting next month.

In terms of quantity, the new intros are not very many, but there are many titles that are getting a lot of interest inside, so we are preparing to see a very exciting month, including original productions, movie titles, and various other productions of different genres.

So let’s seeNews List:

  • Boris: Season 4 – TV series, October 26
  • The Bear: Season 1 – TV Series, October 5
  • The Walking Dead: Season 11 – TV series, October 3
  • Candy: Death in Texas – TV Series, October 12
  • Rosalyn – October 14th movie
  • Change of Direction: Season Two – TV Series, October 12
  • Les Amateurs: Season 1 – TV Series, October 19
  • Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi: Season 1 – TV Series, October 26

Among the most anticipated news out there is probably Boris: Season 4which marks the highly anticipated return of the famous Italian satire series written and directed by Mattia Torri, Giacomo Ciarabico and Luca Vendroscolo.

Boris 4, the first official photo

The old band Gli Occhi del Cuore is back on the scene for a drama about the life of Jesus, but this time they will also encounter a different world in terms of film and TV series production, between the advent of streaming services, and social media. and influential people. We can only imagine the consequences for Rene Ferretti and his pals in Boris 4, available from October 26 on Disney+.

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For the rest, the arrival of Season 11 of The Walking Dead was highlighted with the final episodes of the long-running TV series, as well as the beginning Star Wars: Jedi Talesa new animated series about the popular science fiction world created by George Lucas, and centered on the characters of Ahsoka Tanno and Count Dooku.

In the meantime, we’ve seen all of the Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars ads at D23 Expo 2022.

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