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Matera outnumbered by 2 to 6 –

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After a long wait we are back on the field in the A1 series of hockey: Vercelli beats Matera for six to two. Vercelli dominates the homeowners who do not have any points. The guests, who reached the meeting with a total of 9 points at the start of the tournament, continue their path with useful results.

first half

The first two minutes of the race are devoted to studying: few spaces and both teams aren’t suggesting very high rhythms. The race, a clash of two newly promoted people, despite its slow start was very interesting. It should be remembered that both teams won the A2 Championship last season. In the fourth minute of play, the balance between the two teams still prevails between the two teams on the field, and both benefit from every 45 seconds of play available. Vercelli proposes a rotation game in the possession phase but does not create any clear chances: we are in the sixth minute. As the seconds pass, the plot of the match does not change: few distances, balance and many shots from a distance (not dangerous). In the 9.20 minute, Zochte tries, but the opposing goalkeeper is cautious. In the tenth minute, the hosts become dangerous: Verona is alert and Vercelli does not care about the two goals. Minute 12.22 The opponents are trying one on one but Verona is still vigilant and keeps his team on their feet. At 15 minutes the pace is higher but no goal, not to mention no particularly tempting opportunity. The first real emotion was recorded at 16.04 when Captain Tatarani took the penalty: a low shot but the goalkeeper is careful and saves his team. The guests turn more and more attacking and suggest a game with higher rhythms. The game was released in the 16.22 minute when Zucchetti found one goal to zero. In the 1920s, the game’s plot still sees defenses too closed: However, Vercelli seems to have more. 23rd minute: Matera is solid in the defense, Vercelli tries to score two goals, but without special luck.

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the other half

The second half sees a start that completely mirrors the end of the first 20:05 game. After 180 seconds, the opposing goalkeeper keeping his team alive is Providence: defenses begin to open up and more shots and chances are scored. At 5.45 minutes, again, Matera goalkeeper performs a real miracle on Moyano. At 6.20 minutes a cold shower arrives in Vercelli: Luca Santramo, on the counterattack, beats Verona. The equalizer came after a superb rebounding foot from Matera. Despite the lottery, Vercelli responded in the best way: Once again, Zucti signs the advantage goal after just 13 seconds From the goal. A goal from a distance gives Vercelli new confidence. After about three minutes, Beusini scored one to two goals: Moyano misses a potential target for 1-3 and does not forgive the guests on the counterattack. Once again, it will only take a few seconds to regain the top spot: Zucchetti, again from distance, achieves his own triple and leads Vercelli forward. In the 10.55 minute, Vercelli had the opportunity again to score a penalty kick: No. 55 in a cool and unmistakable Vercelle shirt. For the first time, Vercelli is taking advantage of the dual advantage. As the minutes pass, Vercelli continues to manage the match: possession of the ball and few spaces available to the opponent. At 20.50 minutes the final winning goal arrives: No. 5 of Vercelli, who recently took charge of the bench, scored a goal with a rare beauty and scored three goals for the visitors. At the end of the match, Captain Tatarani’s net also arrives who, however, being from Matera, does not rejoice..

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Match Report

HP MATERA: Xiloyannis, Santeramo, Piozzini, Depalma, Corrado, Clemente, Santochirico, Amendolagine, Lampasona, Melillo. everybody. de Palma

Vercelli: Verona, Sisti, Moyano, Mattogini, Tatarani, Peroni, Ojeda, Zucchetti, Mineiro, Pasciolo. everybody. punt

Referees: Silicia and Jiangregorio de Giovinazzo

Points: 16’35”, 31’41” and 34’47” Zucchetti (V), 31’26” Santeramo (HM), 34’27” Piozzini (HM), 35’54” Ojeda (V), 46′ 00″ Sisti (V), 48’32” Tataranni (V)

Cartellini Blue: Mello (middle), Tatarani (fifth) 2′

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