March 30, 2023

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Director Verzo: “What a longing for Livorno on DVD. I dream of a movie with Chiellini.”

Fresh from the presentation at the Venice Film Festival for his new film ‘Drought’, director Paulo Virtso He revealed in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport about his great association with the team of his city, Livorno: “My father was from Juventus, like all Sicilians who were taken to Turin. I grew up there and we often went to the stadium. I remember Anastasi, Haller, Castano, Salvador and Cheb Bettiga. It was a team Well, and they were winning too at that time. Then we went back to the city I was born in, which I always felt as an anthropological and cultural identity compared to the dark and angry Turin at the time, and I started to support Livorno without hesitation. Now the very bad things have gone downhill and my relationship with football is more Yearning, but I must admit it was days ago, playing online with my 12-year-old son Jacopo, with very poor local TV broadcasts that we were able to see a match…”

Then he was asked about a character from the football world he would like in one of his films: “I have a fixed point, I’d like to give a role to Giorgio Chiellini. He has that face of an old Leghorn, if you wear period costumes in my opinion, it’s very reliable. Of course, it’s not A football player with a modern face, today they are all beautiful. Take Zaniolo, he looks like a model. Good for him.”

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