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Alleghe Hockey, an appeal to the fans. “Saturday we follow to Cortina”

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It’s not their home, but Aleige is confident of receiving encouragement and support from Corténez’s fans as well. Indeed, Civette will play in the “Olimpico” in Cortina on Saturday at 8.30 pm, in the third of Serie B. opponent Varese, who was unable to make the required transformation. The proposal of the Lombards was to go to Aosta, but it would have been more complicated for Agordini.

Then we go to Havro’s house, among other things, the club that Aleg is collaborating with this year at youth level and beyond. Indeed, Cortina is sending some of her boys with high hopes of boosting coach Fontana’s roster and the key teams in the nursery are being implemented in synergy, with training now only at Olympique due to the closure of De Toni.

Adriano Levis

“We are confident that the Belluno fans will follow us anyway, even if we are not in Alleghe,” comments President Adriano Levis. “In such a complex moment, relying on a little presence in our squad will give morale to both the club and the team.”

Off the ice story, the start of the first training season was a nightmare. A very heavy backhand against Caldaro and already more honorable strikes against Bergen, but still four goals.

“The history of the stadium upset everyone, there is no point in going around it. There was a lack of focus to prepare for the season and matches. Shifting here and there to train and play doesn’t help, however, now some of the thicker players are on the way to recovery.”

Owls do everything to overcome the complexities of the Bedouins. “With Feltre we organize a weekend training session dedicated to those going into the world of hockey, while the biggest youth teams are hosted in Cortina. The goal is not to lose any athlete, hoping that a solution will soon be found because De Toni is not available.”

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