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The Marvels is the lowest-grossing MCU movie of all time

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Wonders And the Movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe With them Lowest takeovers ever: Only $205 million internationally, bringing it to $84.5 million considering the US territories alone.

Wanting to do some comparisonthese are numbers more or less on par with those of Warner's modest Birds of Prey or, which has remained in the MCU, well below the $134.8 million US gross by The Incredible Hulk in 2008.

In short, the terrible takeovers of The Marvels in their debut remained just that: the film couldn't recover even thanks to word of mouth from fans and in light of Overall positive reviews.

Superheroes with super box office problems

Marvels, one of the official posters for the film

We've been talking a lot lately about “superhero fatigue.” Audiences are tired of superhero moviesWhich has actually multiplied over the years based on the huge success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, the truth behind these failures is perhaps more complex: users have gone from going to cinemas enthusiastically, when someone finally adapted a film worthy of the name, to doing so very rarely.

With increased production Expectations also grew Thus, more attention is paid to the rough writing of certain films, with streaming via Disney+ representing another obstacle: people only go to the cinema when it is really worth it.

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