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Roller hockey Scandiano, the first match of the second round at the Pallarignani Stadium against Azura Novara

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Tomorrow is the big day for Scandiano Roller Hockey, in their first playoff against Azura Novara. The most important moment after reaching the seasonal goal of salvation is tomorrow.

“Qualifiers are not a match like any other – coach Kobesti says. We don’t have to look at whether Novara will be full or not, we have to think for ourselves, thinking it will be a tough match because Novara finished third and has a good squad with or without a striker. Experience is important in the play-off and we have no experience. It’s been twice, once at our house and once in Novara. The mental attitude is key. We won’t be able to relax.”

Azzurra, coached by Mario Ferrari, has faced twice this season, one win each, 7-5 at PalaRegnani and 7-4 at Pala Dal Lago: two completely different games, both very inspiring in attack but also with many errors in defence. . A illustrious absence is Pablo Gonzalez, 38 goals, the tournament’s fourth top scorer, ineligible for the Reds who struggled on the final day, but will be able to return early next Saturday at Bala del Lago. Eyes on the 23-year-old Oscar Ferrari, the second leading scorer with 17 goals, followed by 12 by Bergamen, 11 by Mastropasqua and 9 by Mille. Quadruple experience for the Cadetria where there is among the publications Geli, the second from Lodi is now in effect for Piedmontese 77 goals against 70 from the Demoni-Vicky duo. The children of Alessandro Cobesti are well prepared to try their best in this very well-balanced qualifier. Bosani and Ehime’s goals have been significant in the last couple of months because they have given a new perspective on the somewhat prolific game in defense but not in front of the opponent’s goal. If the defense is still second in the group, then the attack takes only sixth place out of eleven participants in the first group. What is new in qualifying is the presence of two referees, Marco Rondina of Vercelli and Alfonso Rago of Giovinazzo, two whistles directing the races in the A1 division.

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Saturday 30 April in Pala Dal Lago the second leg, where the goals scored in the first match will count a lot. Proceed to the quarter-finals, where the winner of Montecchio-Modena will face the winner, who will have scored the most goals in the total number of goals scored and conceded in the two matches.

Kick off at 18:00 at PalaRegnani and broadcast live by FISRTV with commentary from Sandro Rinieri. Compulsory registration and free entry with Supergreen pass

The players called up: No. 1 Matteo Vicki (captain) and 10 Filippo Dimon in the goal; With the number 5 Niccol Bossani, 8 Andrea Stefani, 9 Alex Rocha, 19 Peter Ehime, 29 Lorenzo Barbieri (vice captain), 75 Alessandro Ufa, 77 Filippo Fontanesi

Promotion qualifiers: Prato Castiglione, Modena-Monteccio, Roller Bassano-Tricino, Camori-Sarzana, Breganzi-Thien, Giovinazo-Roller Matera, Viareggio Forte

world of rosoblu

B . series
It’s a straight fight for the final four playoffs between roller hockey Scandiano by Daniele Uva and leader Modena. Giallopolo won the Serie A Cup on Saturday in Forte dei Marmi and just one point is enough to qualify for the sport. At 5.30 pm, the guys from Uva will try to achieve a feat in every sense of the word.

Attendees: Mattia Vaccari, Christian Rinaldi, Gabriel Ganassi, Joel Ganassi, Diego Vaccari, Iacopo Fifi, Filippo Natali

Under 19 years old
Victory 8-4 for Scandiano Daniele Ufa, the only unbeaten in the zone 3 championship. Under 19. Second victory in two games, but Correggio is always in first place with 7 points in 4 games. Five goals from Alessandro Ufa in the match Pico della Mirandola, two goals from Joel Ganassi and one from Filippo Fontanesi.
On Mondays at 6pm they go head-to-head against Correggio in Arcostruttura for the top of the tournament.
Mirandola: Talassi, Malagoli (C), De Stefano A, Canossa, De Stefano G – Pinotti, Bellini, Gavioli – All. Ialacci
Scandiano: Vacari M, Stephanie (C), Fontanesi, Ufa A, Ganassi J – Vacari D, Rinaldi – Ol. Offa D
Scorers: 1t: 1’31” Uva (S), 12’28” Ganassi (S), 20’18” Uva (S) – 2t: 1’17” Fontanesi (S), 2’13” Uva (S) 6’31” Ganassi (S), 8’38” Canossa (P), 9’15” De Stefano (P), 21’09” Uva (S), 21’34” Bellini (P), 22’16 ‘Pinotti (P), 23’32’ grape (small)

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The players called up: Mattia Vaccari, Christian Rinaldi, Filippo Fontanese, Giuel Ganassi, Filippo Natali, Andrea Stefani, Alessandro Ufa, Diego Vaccari, Iacobo Vivi – coach Daniele Uva.

mini hockey
Second focus at Montale Rangone on Sunday from 16:30.

Attendees: Ganesh Cozzolino, Mattia Dardanelli, Valentino Dipetri, Samuel Ravazzini, Lorenzo Roque, Ilia Boccidi, Niccol Valentini – coach Katia Ferretti

Pictured in Alberto Bertolani, Andrea Stefani defending the ball from Vincenzo Mastrobascoa of the Azura Novara

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