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Renault announces goodbye: fans cry, they made history

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Farewell seems imminent since we already have a competitive heir who has already monopolized the attention of the French brand’s customers who can’t wait to lead it: a piece of history ready to retire …

In the car market, as in any other market, whoever comes first and has the most futuristic ideas wins. French house Renault In 2011, he did just that by presenting a model that aroused great interest in the world of electric motors at the time. You will have already understood what model we are talking about, a car that at that time had very few similar competitors.

The top management of the brand has already decided (Ansa) –

Obviously we’re talking about Twizy, Small electric car Very Spartan which, among other things, was the first real electric quad bike approved for the city to experience significant spread. The car won over everyone due to its small size, quick battery recharging and above all its impressive simplicity.

However, like all projects ahead of its time, even my little Twizy It has limits Which will be resolved on his heir who seems already ready to see the light. This clearly indicates that the model, after 12 years of production, has had its day, and even if there is no official announcement, the fact that the French house has presented the new small electric car is telling.

The heir is already here

It’s called Renault Mobilize Duo and it’s the perfect successor to the small battery car: with a design very similar to that Renault Twizy But for much less, the small car can carry the driver and passenger on board for 140 kilometers at a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour before You need to recharge it to a column or port.

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Goodbye forever to little Twizy (Ansa) –

Of course since the two cars “They were stamping their feet.” If both are on sale, Renault is clearly planning to say goodbye to the model. It’s a shame because if on the one hand the time has come to renew the range, many fans cannot forget this model that gave them a leap into the future at a time when electric cars were science fiction.

Now all that remains is to wait for the official announcement with the release date, exact specifications and above all The final price The all-new Mobilize Duo. And you might try to get the latest version of Twizy before it’s completely sold out. A beautiful final version would be a great way to say hello to the model, don’t you think?

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