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Maria’s Choice, docu movie review on Raiuno

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Not out of the usual fantasy nor the usual TV movie; But not even the usual documentary with alternating interviews and rebuilding. Maria’s choice It is – and it’s good to say – that experimentation that is often asked of it opinion As the most important cultural company in our country. A risky experiment too, but at the same time a purely public service: The result is working fine.

Maria’s Choice, Review

There are several ideas in support of the positive result obtained by this documentary: first of all, the desire to celebrate the centenary of the burial of this documentary. Millet Ignoto Conducting a research and publishing process that carries all the flavor of discovery by the public: let’s face it, the story of the lady Maria Bergamas Not everyone knows how the Unknown Soldier was chosen. Instead, he was always completely unknown and little known, even during the festivities of years past.

idea Cesar Pucci (who wrote the topic in addition to being on the cast Marco Videtta and the manager Francesco Micci) is driven by a healthy curiosity and at the same time a need, the thing that state television must deal with in all its documentary productions: to inform, to provoke and to remember.

Maria’s choice achieves these goals perfectly, running through 88 minutes thanks to an unforgettable story using narration skillfully, introducing twists and touching moments without any fear, but risking a real scenario based on an accurate historical story. Reconstruction but also able to walk on its own.

It goes without saying that by giving this weight to the narrative part, emotion must be a priority: the task, in this case, went to Sonia Bergamascuand everyone rightly praised her during the press conference for her TV movie show because she was never over-explained, respected, and strongly connected to a sense of motherhood, a feeling universal and timeless that reaches as straight to the audience today as it touched the people who witnessed those events in 1921.

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Experimentation, we said. Mary’s choice is also tested in languages: Not only the classic TV movie, but also the simple animation, a little sloppy, but well able to tell the most dramatic moments of the war, in the introduction and in the interviews reconstructed thanks to the three main actors (also to remember Alessio Vasallo) who are out of history and speak in favor of the Chamber.

It would have been a well deserved simple process, given the redundancy. While that Maria’s choice It meets all needs: from bringing back memory in a correct and respectful way, to trying new languages, connecting the past and the future and proving that public service not only means boring disclosure, but can also engage emotions.

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