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What did he do, why was he accused and how did he die?

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thwarted an attack during the Atlanta Olympics and is being investigated as a terrorist; Story of the Richard Jewell, with its profound humanity, has marked American judicial news and the collective imagination. An unjustly accused security guard will be subjected to a maniacal media trial, partially able to adapt the course of the FBI’s investigation.

The unusual nature of those events that saw him as the protagonist in 1996, years later, attracted attention Clint Eastwood On the big screen and today also on the small screen.

Three years after it was released in cinemas, the film is spreading on the national network and on Sunday 4 September work wins it. Peak time from Kanal 5 and live and on-demand broadcasts on the Mediaset Infinity app. However, to better appreciate the vision, let’s recall the events that unfortunately made Jewell’s name famous, beginning with the tragedy that he so bravely managed to avoid.

Attack aborted

“Richard Jewell” tells the story of what happened to a security guard at the end of the 1990s who was first held and celebrated as a national hero and then tried until proven estranged from the facts. The initiating event was the discovery of a single agent bomb backpack During the patrol in the area that 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Jewell claimed to have noticed some strange moves during a concert at the Centennial Par. He approached the suspicious point in the gaming area of ​​the AT&T phone company, and found three bombs. The devices identified were ready to go off, but the timing of his alarm allowed him to save hundreds of people along with other security men.

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So the evacuation was successful, the worst seemed to be aborted and everyone started celebrating it. Soon, Jewell became a celebrity. At least as long as the fileFBI did not open any Investigations on his account.

The judicial process: Why was Jewell accused?

The investigation seemed to turn the tables. It was believed that the man was directly involved in the failed attack, even as the first responsible. The Suspect number 1 Then he tried to prove his innocence by appointing a lawyer.

Although, she will be beaten for a long time judicial process And before that a strong man informational process. The compression pressure was too high and the mud machine was running. In short, the words “Hustler” rang loud and clear all the way to the doors of the courtroom.

Lawyer Watson Bryant, realizing the enormity of the case, but determined to clear his client’s name, fought with all his might against the FBI, the judiciary, and journalists, eventually achieving victory andforgiveness of all counts.

How did Richard Jewell die?

After being acquitted of the unjust charges, Richard Jewell received institutional thanks. In 2006, Governor Sonny Purdue mentioned him in a public address on behalf of the state of Georgia, finally restoring his image as a civilian hero.

However, the sad ending of this story is represented early death the hero of the story. In fact, the Jewel returned to his daily life but did not improve his battle against heart failure. For a time, his diabetes caused a series of complications that eventually led to his death. Death was confirmed on August 29, 2007, At the age of only 44.

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Rebuild Clint Eastwood

This story will then be taken to film by Clint Eastwood with great attention to detail and filming locations. The ones seen in the clips are actually the same places as the original events and the crew recorded all of the bombing scenes at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park to coincide only with the 23rd anniversary of the narrow escape.

However, the work did not pay much, and due to the modest revenues in the cinema, the film did not manage to fit into a budget 45 million dollars. It grossed only $22.3 million in the United States and $19.5 million worldwide at the box office, for a worldwide total of $41.1 million. However, critics retained such positive comments about the film that Kathy Bates received a nomination for “Best Supporting Actress” in Oscar and ai Golden balls.

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