March 31, 2023

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Mussomeli, a charitable initiative with a wheelchair electronic hockey game in the municipal gymnasium of Viale Olimpia – il Fatto Nisseno

Mussomeli – On August 3, 2022 at 4.30 pm, a charity initiative with electronic wheelchair hockey (Powerchair Hockey) at the Municipal Gymnasium “Salvatore Palumbo” in Viale Olimpia for the fundraising promotional event “UILDM Trolley of Mussomeli”. Helping people with neuromuscular diseases to live out their rights in an active way: This is the goal we, as UILDM department, have set for ourselves, since our Constitution, March 2021. The question of rights not only needs a person’s primaries, but also the many aspects of daily leisure that are essential Fill it with activities, relationships, and interests. Precisely in this sense, bringing to Musumeli an innovative and unknown sport such as wheelchair hockey allows us to raise awareness in the community on this topic and create channels through which people suffering from neuromuscular diseases and, in general, people with disabilities in the region feel free to participate in similar experiences. We are grateful to the teams who accepted our invitation and who will come to visit us. ASD Leoni Sicani of Santa Margherita Belice, ASD Aquile of Palermo and ASD Red Cobra of Palermo, along with 21 athletes, will play a trial game of wheelchair hockey, in Mussomeli, at the Salvatore Palumbo Municipal Gymnasium (near the Sports Field), Wednesday August 3, starting at 16:30. The initiative, called ‘UILDM’s Pickup Truck in Mussomeli’, will be accompanied by fundraising for the purchase of a vehicle suitable for transporting people in wheelchairs. At 19:00, the event will move to Piazza Umberto 1, in Mama Rita, where a musical aperitif with the Milanese duo David and Mariangela Gerassi will take place.

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