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Ukraine latest news. Israel summons the Russian ambassador. Bennett: Lavrov told dangerous lies

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In Azovstal there are many hard-to-reach injuries

There are many injured in the steel mill Azovstal From Mariupol it is difficult to get to some of them. Sevastoslav said that PalamarDeputy commander of the Azov regiment, committed to the defense of the plant, in an interview with the Associated Press. “There is rubble. We don’t have special equipment. It is difficult for soldiers to collect the tons plates with their arms alone,” he said, and the Azovstal lab is filled with mines, rockets, artillery shells and unexploded cluster bombs.

“The best solution in this situation is to evacuate us,” Palamar said. “Does it make sense to continue carrying out this massacre?” Palamar said he hopes the evacuations from the steel factory will continue until everyone in the factory leaves, both civilians and soldiers.

Besides the Azov regiment, Palamar explained, the plant is defended by the 36th Marine Brigade, police officers, border guards, coast guards and others: “Some guard the area, some prevent attack attempts, others are responsible for the ceasefire, and others help clear the rubble from the bombing “. The presence of children and civilians makes the fighting more difficult, Ballamard said, but that the fighters at the factory will continue until they are told not to.

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Deputy Commander of the Azov Regiment, Captain Svyatoslav Palamar

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