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Love and Thunder, what are the plot holes in the movie?

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So far, the exuberant criticism leveled at Taika Waititi by a wide cross-section of his fans has subsided Thor: Love and Thunder. Some don’t really like his style, while others complain of inconsistencies due to his chaotic approach, which is hard to put into the MCU canon. How many holes are there already?

Marvel fans are currently addicted Several MCU announcements from Comic Conranging from animated series to the many titles already in Phase 5 and Phase 6. Among them, however No word from Thor 5which can easily be a sign of wanting to let some time pass from your ex, but also Marvel Studios should carefully evaluate Taika Waititi’s achievements. For now, we’ll limit ourselves to highlighting the plot holes (many minor, some more significant) scattered here and there. Of course, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, know that they’ll watch it right away big spoilers.

The death of the Asgardians: The problems relate to the act of dying and the mythical place of death of Valhalla. The death of Jane Foster, who became stardust, we mentioned that only one other character was solved in the same way: Odin. For others, this does not happen. The speech on Loki is certainly ambiguous given his different origins, but for Heimdall and Thor’s other friends, it’s no dust. And if it is a matter of acquired prestige, Because Odin found himself in Valhalla Even if the fight is not dead?

Gore butcher of God: With the introduction of this character and judging from what we saw in Power City, it seems very easy to kill the gods. However, the Necrospada di Gorr is presented as one of the few weapons capable of doing this. Furthermore, given that Gore’s work was of intergalactic importance, Because Captain Marvel did not interferesince then in game over Do you think this is your role?

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Gods or aliensAre Asgardians Gods or Extraterrestrials? In the early films Odin insists that they are not the first, but only the powerful, long-lived aliens that humans consider for this reason. But in this new movie, everyone appeals to them and acts towards them as they do to Zeus, like gods.

Thunderbolt forces: Once Thor captures the thunderbolt of Zeus, he appears to gain two powers that he has never seen before. The ability and the ability to instantly travel to the center of the universe Transfer his powers to others. If the first seems necessary for narrative purposes, to shorten time, the second is simply not explained. Nor like Thor, even if he only relied on a bolt of lightning, did he know he could do it and how, like that suddenly.

Stormbeaker and Mjolnir: When Gore steals the first, why doesn’t Thor call him back? We know that distance has nothing to do with it, so it just depends on the imbalance of forces. Except for that, however, not much is explained. Instead, regarding Mjolnir, Thor charms her to protect Jane, but in reality it is the hammer that expels the cures for her disease and thus speeds her up. Which one then?

Are these major loopholes for you? Do you know any others? Tell us in the comments!

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