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Moggi: They are destroying our football but Gravina stays steadfast in his seat | league

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Former Juventus manager, Luciano wave, Speak in an interview with Adnkronos The art of Italian football.

market -“Al-Arabiya and the club give us money, and the clubs are recovering, but the league and the national team are getting worse. And Gravina It doesn’t matter, though, that it’s still running Armchair This means that he is fine. The problem is not only with the Arabs, but with the Premier League as well, but surely the Saudis are raising the prices of players.. Repercussions for Italy? Nothing specific happens here because the more companies sell, the more they adjust their balance sheets. But the championship suffers that were the most beautiful in the world and Since Gravina is present, that is no longer the case.”

attacks – “You can’t avoid a problem foreigners Why is there freedom of movement? Excellent, however You can put an end For those who take the field. Otherwise, our youth do not have certain developments, and this is shown in the national team. Tonali’s case shows: if they develop, they go to the Premier League. But if Gravina stays quiet there, that’s okay, she keeps her chair. But Italian football is in ruins if no action is taken. Among other things, in teams where foreigners play, four out of 10 have to be sent home.

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