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Louis Jarel or The Art of Stealing in the Family (8½ degree) –

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to Paul Merighetti

“L’innocente”, the French actor’s fourth directing, tells the story of the last shot, playing on the edge of thriller, comedy and emotional intrigue.

To be Good and handsome actor You run the risk of not looking at the right level when you even measure yourself up with Guidance. That’s what happened to Louis Jarrellcertainly one of the most famous and successful artists in French cinema after Depardieu, but also sensitive manager And innovative, able to not be imprisoned by rules like that (even if it’s the one for “author’s movie”) with one name Creative freedom Knows how to surprise and amuse. He has already shown this through his previous managerial efforts – “Two friends»(2015), “honest man” (2018) e “Crusades” (2021) — but it really rips applause with the latter “innocent”.

Note that as a director he does not want to be limited to simplicity Reality account He introduces it from the very first scene where what seems like a dramatic confession turns out to be one satirical demonstration Acting Challenge: We are in a prison, and Michel (Rushdi Zam) is rehearsing a Monologue Under the eyes of other inmates and those most engaged in Sylvie (Anouk Greenberg), a former actress studying stage for prisoners. And that in the next scene she married him – really – Ben prison barspending the requested provisional release.

Now the actor’s Garrel has entered the field, Oceanographer Who explains the beauty of Lyon Basin to visitors and who never seems to let go of shots of her mother’s head is nothing new – we find out – to fall in love from his fellow students. This then married him until when Michel was finally able to set him free again, the couple decided to open a restaurant flower shop. Not for this unsuspecting Abel, who begins to spy on the ex-convict, convinced that he is hiding who-knows-what secrets, shares Clemence (Noemi Merlant), co-worker but above all, a hangover. best friend of his wife, who died prematurely.

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Those who have seen Garrel’s previous work will also find it here Featured characters From his character (aka Abel in all the movies): A weak male And neuroticdoomed to be a little unhappy stunned And very messy, which absence of security It stands out even more in comparison to Clémence’s somewhat irresponsible decision-making. But what might look like a Family comedy (with some autobiographical flashbacks: Jarrell’s mother, Brigitte C., had given courses to prisoners for twenty years and married one), suddenly shifting gears and becoming noir With unprecedented melodramatic nuances.

Abel discovers that Michel is “forced” to participate in a The last shot – Bulk caviar theft – and she ends up doing it Share With Clémence: The two will have to pretend to be a couple in love in crisis to distract the driver of the truck to be robbed (Yaniusse Kebbab) and allow Michel and his partner (Jean-Claude Patou, a real ex-con) to make the hit. But we are sure that a perfectly thought-out plan will not turn out to be something unexpected?

Transitioning from a fashion photograph to a genre film to love games, from Truffaut to Philippe De Broca (Remember The guy from Rio? ») Even Marivaux and always with one lightness it’s a’elegance Princely, never wanting to emphasize his skill but almost anxious not to let it be noticed (a procedure that requires doubly skill and must be learned by many of our house managers), Garrel, who also co-wrote the script with Tanguy Viel and Naïla Guiguet, accompanies the film incessantly. twists Underlined by a soundtrack that goes from Nanini to Catherine Lara to the adagio of “Anonimo Venezian” or with freshness One of the inventions delicacy direction that enhances the viewer’s pleasure.

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no spoil the surprise I won’t say anything else about the subtle exchange between reality and fantasy, between feelings and emotions that Abel and Clemens will have to deal with during the robbery. Une Comic jubilatoire»It was said in France, the feeling with which one emerges from this projection, and is happy to see it Wonderful movieFunny and smart.

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