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Daisy Ridley reveals how many Ray’s comeback films are planned so far

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Daisy Ridley will once again play Rey in the Star Wars universe, but how many films can we expect starring the skilled Jedi? The answer comes from the actress herself.

Daisy Ridley He’s not done yet irrigation. After the last trilogy that made her the heroine of the novel, World star Wars She announced the production of a new film that will bring Ray back to the big screen. But its survival is not yet clear: we have to expect that New trilogy Jedi Master Tournament? A question whose answer comes directly from the person concerned.

Star Wars star Daisy Ridley specifies she has only signed on for one film: ‘For now’

The interview took place during the podcast not smartDaisy Ridley addressed her next topic Back In the Star Wars universe he carries a lightsaber. While the audience wonders about Rey’s future and how many films we should expect from the character, her translator pulls the brakes and admits that, for now, she has only signed a contract for one more Star Wars film. “at the moment”And he was keen to point out.

As of now, the actress has not received the first pages of the script yet, but she is confident that it will happen very soon. His first appearance occurred with Star Wars: The Force Awakens In 2015, followed by The last jedi And he ended with The Rise of Skywalker In 2019. It has been several years since the conclusion of that trilogy and only a short time ago it was announced that Rey would officially return with a new film. The actress, who was thinking of playing such an iconic character again in her career, spoke to the microphones Comprehensive movie has revealed:

I honestly had moments where I thought I didn’t remember what I had done as Ray up to that point. It’s really strange. I think everything will look completely different with the new team anyway. I find myself in a completely different situation than before. Now probably being the veteran of the group when I was the youngest in the group would be a weird feeling.

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