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At the Trieste Film Festival, the Italian Critics Association awards the best films of 2023

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The collaboration between SNCCI and the Trieste Film Festival has been confirmed, which will feature a double opening: the films are “Don't Expect Much from the Apocalypse” by Radu Goud and “The Green Frontier” by Agnieszka Holland.

Now in its thirty-fifth edition, Trieste Film Festival – The first and most important Italian appointment with Central Eastern European cinema: for more than thirty years, a distinguished observatory of films and auteurs often unknown, if not even unknown, to the Italian public, and in general to the “Western” public. – will be held From January 19 to 27.
To characterize this 2024 editionOne Double opening: Thanks to the programming needs of the theaters that host it, the Festival seizes a valuable opportunity to give appropriate focus to two titles that have characterized the last part of 2023 and, since their first appearances at the Festival (in Locarno and Venice), have established themselves among the great European films of the year.
On January 19, the programming of the Mila Theater begins Don't Expect Much from Apocalypse by Radu Gudea stunning theoretical film about cinema and an explosive critique of the cynicism of modern capitalism: an original international work, soon to be shown in Italian cinemas with Amazing picturesmade of sarcasm, moral flogging and highly erudite quotes, confirming the talent of Romanian director Radu Gode (Golden Bear in Berlin, and this time Special Jury Prize in Locarno), is as original as it is unclassifiable.
On January 23, Politeama Rossetti will host the second opening film of the festival, Green Border by Agnieszka HollandSpecial Jury Prize at the last Venice Film Festival and from February 8 in the cinema Inspired films and cinema circuitoWhich represents the great return of the master of European cinema. An uncomfortable and just film, it tells – in powerful black and white, and with a harshness that is sometimes difficult to bear – the drama of migrants approaching Europe (in this case the border between Belarus and Poland) in search of a safe place. We welcome that governments have forgotten, and the solidarity that only individuals seem able to achieve, often illegally.

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Moreover, in 2024 also, as has become a tradition, cooperation will take place between Trieste Film Festival And the National Union of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI)Which has once again chosen the Politeama Rossetti Theater to reward, at the beginning of the new year, the best titles released in theaters last year.
There were two awards for Best Italian Film and Best International Film: among Italians, the award that “establishes” itself as the most voted for in the referendum promoted by the Federation among all its members was He was kidnapped by Marco Bellocchiowas already awarded in 2020 for the film The Traitor.
Pacification by Albert Serra It is instead the best film overall among all the films distributed in theaters in our country during the year 2023. In this case, it was voted by the committee responsible for preparing reports on the films of critics (28 this year), composed of Pedro Armoseda and Paula Casella. Massimo Cosso, Adriano De Grandis, Francesco De Pace, Fabio Ferzetti, Beatrice Fiorentino, Federico Girone, Roberto Manassero, Raffaele Meli, Paolo Mereghetti, Anna Maria Bassetti, Cristiana Paterno, Giulio Sangiorgio, Sergio Suso.

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