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London, Trafalgar Square was evacuated and then reopened due to a suspected parcel bomb. Police talk about a “concluded incident”

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there London Police evacuated Trafalgar Square After discovering a suspicious package. British media reported this. According to reports of Mirror An eyewitness talks aboutAloud the outbreakIt “happened” without warning but there is no confirmation of this yet. “We were told it was suspicious package, but it wasn’t a controlled explosion, nobody told us it was going to explode. The policeman He looked shocked.” Police Westminster He said on Twitter that the “incident” is over and the square will be reopened soon. The version most relied on on social media is that of the censored explosion it caused police.

All this happened in Field Close to the place where the festivities will be held jubilee platinum Queen Elizabeth. As the police announced, the security alert expired soon after. “The accident is over and Field Police said dead day TwitterHe added that the police were “still in place”. sky News She stated that it was a suspicious device subject to a controlled detonation. Verified copy by Scotland Yard. Then a spokesperson specified that the matter was not terrorism.

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