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“She escaped from Russian missiles, and is now threatened by Hamas missiles” –

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From our correspondent
Odessa (Ukraine) – two photos. In both you can see children. They are in undecorated rooms, not in their bedrooms; The first photo looks like it was taken in the basement. The beds look like makeshift beds, narrow spaces and wall mounts. He posts it on his personal Facebook page Moshe Reuven Azman, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Ukraine. He says that these little ones are his grandchildren, They had fled Ukrainian bombing in the first hour and were now under attack again, this time in Israel.

“In the first picture are my grandchildren who… They are hiding from Russian terrorists’ missiles in the Kiev region“In the first days of the terrible invasion of Ukraine,” the chief rabbi wrote under the two photos placed next to each other. “Later, we and thousands of people evacuated them to Israel and Europe“, he narrates. Then the other shot: «In the second photo, my same grandchildren are hiding from Hamas terrorist missiles». The next caption is as follows: “Two different corners of the world but with common pain and struggle… I am heartbroken when I see their faces but I believe the light of truth and faith will help us overcome these trials.”

Finally, he pleads: “I pray to God Almighty to turn His anger and wrath on all those involved in terrorism against civilians!”

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