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Barbie, a theory that reveals the truth behind the doll’s perfect world. And it’s quite philosophical

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Summer is ending and with it the phenomenon Barbieand ready to move on to a better cinematic life with Drop in flow Having made waves at the box office all over the world. As usual, films of this size generate a lot of discussion online, as well as theories and suggestions. Even in “Clear” it seems like a movie Greta Gerwig.

One of the most interesting theories that has emerged in recent weeks concerns… The true meaning of Barbie LandWhat does the ideal world in which Greta Gerwig’s doll lives and is endangered by Ken’s ideal “patriarchy with horses” represent? The basic concept may be inspired by Greek philosophy, as a Reddit user claimed and several newspapers reported.

In the film, Barbie Land is a land that can only be reached through a fantasy journey that somehow ends on the sunny shores of California – although according to science it should be somewhere near Florida. Here live Barbie and Ken (and Alan), created by imagination, through the collective illusion associated with purchasing the famous toy. However, there will be a lot at the bottom, which is the aspect that will force you Unlock high school memories and the first hours of philosophy.

According to the theory, Barbieland is not just an alternate reality Where Barbie is real, however It actually represents Platonic hyperuranismThe world of ideas lies beyond the sky. According to Plato, ideas are the essence of things and reside in that realm that is accessible only by reason, and is not tangible from earthly reality. The smartphone you are holding in your hand reading this article may have some scratches, but the idea of ​​a smartphone in Hyperuranium does not, it is perfect and unchangeable.

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So here’s how Barbie is actually the platonic ideal of a career woman, the complete package and therefore practically utopian for today’s society. And this is the world you live in: there are no things like water or toothpaste, because the concept of bathing and the idea of ​​brushing the doll’s teeth and everyone else’s teeth is enough. To confirm the philosophical connection, there is the fact that each Barbie represents a different kind of reality, while the one played by Margot Robbie is the nucleus from which all other “variants” arise.

The theory also looks for its essence in Kane, arguing that His work as “The Beach” Completely immersed in this world of ideas, precisely because everything here is intangible. His profession is the concept of Beach, just as his identity is the concept of Ken. But what does this mean for the film’s score? Explain for example How Barbieland can have a tangible impact in the real world: When he is in the world of ideas that Ken is building His home is Mojo Dojo CasaMattel has thousands of them in production immediately. This is because the relationship between hyperuranium and the world of things is expressed through tradition (Things are copies of ideas), Messi (Things participate in the existence of ideas) Parozia (Ideas represent the essence of things) e aitia (Thoughts cause things).

The main evidence that this is the correct reading of the film, which according to the theory has always been there for all to see, lies in the relationship itself between Barbie and Ken: They are “engaged,” yes, but without the need for intimate or physical relations. What is this type of relationship usually called in the “real world”? Platonic relationshipprecisely.

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What do you think of this theory? As always, let us know yours in the comments.

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Source: Reddit (via inverse)

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