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Dialogues with Science is back. Among the guests is Ilaria Capua

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The thought-packed second edition, Conversations with Science, begins Sunday, November 6, at 11, as already last year at the Frajiana Theatre.

Climate warming, pandemics, environmental crisis and inequality will be the main themes in this year’s four events. “The relationship between humankind and the Earth – explained the Circolo dei Lettere Foundation, which promotes the initiative – appears to be at a tipping point. New technologies will be necessary to invent a new world and perhaps make peace with the nature of which we are a part. However, lifestyles must also be rethought and behaviours. How to communicate urgency and motivate action without creating panic?” To find a way and help better understand the changes taking place here are the four meetings, organized by philosopher and evolutionist Telmo Pivani. Four Sundays on stage, in November ), with scholars and journalists, to bring science closer to citizenship and, in particular, to the younger. Many of the names of the speakers who will take turns in the morning. The most famous of which is Ilaria Capua, the famous academic and scholar.

We begin on the sixth day, then, with “Is everything connected?” With Blevani and Cecilia Sala, journalist and columnist. We will ask ourselves if everything is really interconnected today and try to understand what climate insecurity is.

Complete the article in the weekly L’Azione on newsstands starting Friday, November 4

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