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LIVE TMW – Gasperini: “There is no room for sad thoughts, we must have one goal”

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13.30 – In a few minutes Gian Piero GasperiniThe Atalanta coach will speak at the press conference to analyze the Villarreal match.

13.46 – Started Gasperini’s press conference: “There is confidence to reach the finish line. Villarreal is a strong team, they won the Europa League a few months ago, they are going through some difficulties in the league, but this is another competition. We know what the difficulties of the match are.”

How important is it to play now when the team is really confident?
“We get to this race in a very good moment of results, but we have to be good at canceling out wins as well as defeats, we start again from 0-0, we only have one useful result. We will play the decisive match at home. But we don’t have a certainty but there is trust “.

Is it the most important night?
“I don’t know if it’s the most important, all the matches inside or out have become key matches. It happened with Shakhtar and Ajax, but also with PSG, we didn’t get to the semi-finals for a few minutes.. That’s the beauty of this competition. Where Matches inside or out create super expectation and compassion for sure. It’s a strong team, in the first leg there were more matches in the same match, there was no superiority in these kinds of matches. The rings, it has to be good and accurate.”

the weather?
“I hope the weather won’t be affected by it, it would be a shame regardless of the outcome, I hope it gives us some relief, I hope the outlook isn’t pessimistic.”

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“They deservedly won the European League and the Super Cup, and then Emery also reached great goals with Sevilla. We envy them a little for the results they achieved (laughs, editor)”.

What trophy would you like to win?
“We are competing for the Scudetto, the Champions League and the Coppa Italia, but if it all boils down to winning a championship or the Champions League to measure the value of this team, you risk taking away a lot from what these guys do. , but the successes are not only. Victory is to have both Bergamo, in order to live these matches, we must not forget that.”

Shouldn’t qualifying for the Europa League be seen as a defeat?
“We cannot have negative thoughts, we must think only of the best. Today we must have one idea, one desire to reach.”

“There’s only Goosins out, hopefully we can recover early in January, there’s some sickness with the match in Napoli, but we hope they can all recover. Tomorrow’s game can see more games in 90″, we’ll have to be good at Take advantage of our moments and prevent them from taking advantage of opportunities. It will be a great match, I hope it will be as good as the first leg.”

Now Atalanta is different.
“Experience has given us a lot, it has given us more awareness. But you don’t have to take away the feelings to be able to face these races, that feeling helps you give more. To win you have to do something really good.”

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Does the excitement increase as you play in front of your audience?
“For me, it is an honor to be able to play a similar match in Bergamo, in recent years we have not been able to share so many matches and so much satisfaction with our people, this is already a great success. Obviously the result will determine what happens next, but even before The match will be a great event. It will be great to play with the crowd.”

14.09 – Gian Piero Gasperini’s press conference ends.

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