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Live stream – Lazio – Napoli 1-2: Pedro cheats, Fabian Ruiz and ridicule in the final

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Serie A TIM | Twenty-seventh day

Sunday 27 February 2022, 8.50 pm

Olympic Stadium, Rome

Lazio – Napoli 0-1 (62′ Insigne, 89′ Pedro)

Lazio (4-3-3): strakusha; Marosic, Louis-Philippe, Patrick (84′ Accra), Radu (71′ Hisage); Milinkovic, Leva (84′ primary), Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson (65′ Pedro), immobile, Zakani.

Available: Reina, Adamonis, Kamenovic, Akpa Akpro, Andre Anderson, J. Cabral, Moreau, Romero.

Coach: Maurizio Sarri

Naples (4-2-3-1): Ospina; Di Lorenzo, Rahmani, Coulibaly, Mario Roy; Deem (81 Lobotka), Fabian Ruiz; Politano (81′ Ounas), Zielinski (57′ Elmas), Insigne (90′ + 4′ Juan Jesus); Osimene.

Available: Merritt, Marvella, Glam, Zanoli, Mertens, Betagna.

Coach: Luciano Spalletti

Referee: Marco de Bello (Brindisi Division). Assistants: Matteo Passeri – Alberto Tigoni; Fourth man: Francesco Couso; Video technology: David Massa. AVAR: Fabiano Preti.

Reserved: 71′ Radu (L), 79′ Immobile (L), 82′ Zaccagni (L)

the other half

90 ‘+ 4’ Change for Spalletti: Insigne exits and enters Juan Jesus.

90 ‘+ 4’ The Napoli goal has arrived! Fabian Ruiz puts the ball behind Strakosha.

90′ + 1′ corner kick for Napoli. It beats Unasbut in the course of the same procedure comes the perverse conclusion of Osimene.

90 ‘Overtime has been announced at this moment: it will be played until 94’.

89′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Conclusion about Pedro’s powerful flight, Ospina is beaten up!

88′ Another foul by Di Lorenzo on Zakani, but the referee continued not to extract any yellow card.

86′ cross ZaniAnd the Mario Roy wear it Ospina. Pedro puts his leg up, making himself the protagonist to commit a foul on the goalkeeper.

84′ outside Patrick and inside Acerbi, outside Leiva and inside Basic.

82 ‘Also warned Zaniauthor of the penis book Unas.

82 ‘Lazio one step away from a tie: in the final Pedro Intervene carefully Ospina.

81′ Double substitution for Spalletti: Diem and Politano leave, Lobotka and Onas enter.

80 ‘ Strakusha He keeps the score 1-0, and he still comes out well forget.

79 ‘pull Feature On RahmaniThe referee takes a free kick for Napoli. Feature He is warned of protests.

77 ‘cramps dimwhich ends up on the ground. No problem for the player who can follow the match.

75 ‘ Zani Intervenes in PolitanoWho gets a good corner kick. He beat it himself, Lucas she goes Stay away.

74 ‘ Louis Alberto deep for FeatureAnd the Rahmani recovers and shuts down By Lorenzo.

71′ Radu leaves the field and enters Hisage.

71′ Parabiglia on the field with violent protests by the blue team. Yellow card against Stefan radu.

70′ A few seconds later, the referee ruled out the second goal for Napoli.

69′ Napoli double again with Lorenzo Insigne. Var checking to check the attacker’s location.

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67′ deep ball for Marozick, but too long: Ospina arrives and restarts his team.

66 & # 39; Naples is still dangerous with Osimene: This time Patrick is a master builder.

65′ Sarri’s first change: Felipe Anderson leaves, Pedro enters.

62′ Napoli goal! At first inattention, Insigne punishes Lazio. A mistake in the disengagement phase for Patrick, Politano serves up a teammate who put the ball into the corner, where Strakusha can’t reach it.

62 & # 39; Finale from the edge of the penalty area by Fabian Ruiz. lost over the crossbar.

59′ win Louis AlbertoAnd the Milinkovic Enters and ends with his head: repels Ospina.

58 ‘Free kick for Lazio after another foul By Lorenzo On Zani. There are no cards even on this occasion.

57′ Spalletti’s first change: Zelensky out and Elmas coming in.

55 & # 39; Lazio again. conclusion Feature It is weak and prevents it Ospina. To tell the truth, the attacker was unbalanced by Koulibaly, who also allowed Rahmani to recover.

53 ‘Error dim On Zani. Intervention is difficult, but the referee does not withdraw any paper against him. On the field health workers to check the conditions of the previous Verona.

52′ suitable for Lazio with Philip Anderson Which ends from afar and powerfully. Ospina paragraph but does not prevent, Louis Alberto He puts his foot there but Coulibaly Restores.

50′ Politano He tackles the free kick, but the referee immediately stops the action due to an attack foul on Immobile.

49′ Radu whistles at Di Lorenzo: a dangerous free kick, albeit from a narrow angle, in favor of Napoli.

45′ The referee blows his whistle and the second half begins!

first half

45′ + 3′ double whistle, the end of the first half Lazio-Napoli.

45′ + 2′ Politano He stays on the ground off the field, receiving usual care from health workers. It is clear from the photos that she did not get into a sweat, the more likely she is to harm herself.

45′ + 1′ Feature He flies towards the gate that Ospina defends. Ciro was grabbed by CoulibalyHe falls to the ground but there is nothing to judge. We continue.

45 “Announcing overtime at this moment: It will run until 43”.

44′ Providence Felipe Anderson Who intercepted the Insigne ball in the Zielinski address!

43 & # 39; Lazio continues to approach the goal it defends Ospina. conclusion Feature He’s weak and the goalkeeper has no trouble getting the ball on his own.

41 ‘Another huge opportunity for Lazio with Milinkovic. The sergeant mocks one opponent after another in the penalty area, but the conclusion rests in the hands of Ospina.

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41′ kick Louis AlbertoWho puts the ball in the middle of the area. Napoli’s defense moves away.

40′ Coulibaly And the forget About Felipe Andersonwhich is located on the ground. The referee chooses the free kick in favor of Lazio.

37 ‘Ciro on the floor Featurewho suffered a blow to the chin from dim. However, nothing dangerous for the attacker who resumes his test.

37 ‘shot forget Still surrounded by the wall of providence Louis Philip.

36 & # 39; With Napoli it becomes dangerous forget then with Mario Roy. The suio cross is heading away from Louis Philip.

34 ‘ Milinkovic about radu What is needed Louis Alberto. The Spaniard didn’t get there for nothing, Napoli could start all over again.

33 ‘Duel resumes Zakani – Di Lorenzo, with the first swing of the opponent. There is nothing to judge. In fact, he will be punished is the next step for Zaccani in Politano.

30 ‘Health in the field to provide the necessary care for Osimene. The Nigerian, after a few seconds, wakes up and is ready to resume the match.

29′ cross forget to OsimeneAnd the Marosic Expected But in the confrontation with Montenegro, the Napoli striker was hit in the face.

28 ‘Pretty throw for Milinkovic on the address Philip Anderson, who nevertheless failed to get the ball. It starts with the line.

27 ‘Politano sees an entry Fabian Ruiz And serve it, slide the ball to the bottom.

26′ After a moment of high tunes and many chances for Lazio, now biancocelesti, who keeps the ball in the match, gives something more to the opponent.

23 ‘Informational Strakusha In conclusion from the edge of the box Zelensky.

21′ chance for Lazio. Zani He enters the area but is recaptured by the blue rear guard. Feature He anticipates the ball and makes it his own: the score is lost directly over the crossbar.

18 ‘ Zelensky And the forget exchange with each other, Rahmani He heads but the ball hits directly between Strakusha’s gloves.

17′ The Napoli striker stays on the ground for a few seconds and then gets up again. Resumes from the corner in favor of the guests.

16′ cross Politano And the Strakusha He comes out with his fists in anticipation Osimene.

15′ work continues. Marosic Felipe serves Andersonwho missed the right moment to go to the epilogue, recovers Napoli.

14 ‘Build a point Rahmani And enters the penalty area staggered Zani And the restoration of Napoli’s defense may have been “spoiled” by handball. The referee does not pay the penalty kick and continues to work.

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13 ‘Philippe Anderson He tries the shot, but the ball is lost high over the bar. The hero of Lazio’s novel in the first ten minutes of the match.

10′ Nothing dangerous for the sergeant who hit him in the face. The Serb momentarily leaves the field, waiting to return after a few seconds.

9′ Lazio’s chance with Ciro Featurewho pulls out of the box and escapes to By Lorenzo. But the ball was lost to the side of the goal. In the course of the same procedure, Milinkovic did it Coulibaly.

8 ‘Into the penalty area Zaccagni – Mario Roy, they both end up on the ground. The mistake from the former Verona, Ospina starts again.

6′ 1-0 ball at my feet Louis Albertor Which ends with practically no door guard on the side of the door that Ospina defends. The Spaniard was brilliantly served by Felipe Anderson.

5′ Lazio loses a bad ball, Zelensky recover and submit Osimene. good boy Strakusha To interfere with the attacker’s strong score.

4 ‘Potential opportunity for Lazio with Feature which is presented in depth. Ospina is good at reading the ball’s trajectory and predicting the attacker.

3 ‘Excellent intervention at the end Marosic On Osimene. Montenegro intervenes in a slip that prevents the attacker from getting too close to the goal he is defending Strakusha.

1 ‘on the spot Lazio dangerous with ZaniWhat is this Feature in the center of the area. The striker’s control is complex and not very precise, the ball goes to Ospina.

1′ Di Bello whistles: Lazio – Napoli start.

Update at 20.30 At the pre-race siro, right before the race Feature Talk to the microphones of Radio Lazio Style (his comments here).

Good evening friends and friends of and welcome to the beeline written by Lazio – Napoli, valid for the 27th day of the Italian Serie A, a few days after the exit from the European League by Porto and Barcelona, ​​the two teams are ready to challenge each other in the championship, After both scored a point in the final round of the tournament against Udinese and Cagliari respectively. Sarri’s men, with 43 points in the standings, took the ground off the “European” positions. On the other hand, the formation led by Spalletti – at a height of 54 – sees the top at +3. Kick-off at 20.50: Serie A has decided to start today’s matches five minutes late due to the situation related to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

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