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Django Sky TV series when he comes out and plots

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Programming the seventeenth version of Rome Film Festival Today, Sunday, October 16, witnessed the world premiere of the brand new television series Sky Original And the Channel +: django. The series, inspired by the 1966 cult Western cinema of the same name directed by Sergio Corbucci, will be distributed in 2023 exclusively on… sky And just streaming Currently.

born fromidea From Leonardo Fasoli And the Maddalena Ravagli TV series consists of 10 pointing fully delivered Romania Of which first four directly From Francesca Comcincini (Gomorrah – Serial) which also plays a role Art Director from the project. In addition, to complete the guidance team we also find David Evans (Downton Abbey) And the Enrico Maria Artali (Romulus) which directs subsequent episodes. Django one Produce From sky And the Cattleya with Atlantique production And the Channel + see International Exception Team. These are the names that really stand out as much in the world of cinema as the ones in Matthias SchoenaertsAnd the Nicholas PinnockAnd the Lisa Vicari And the Nomi Rapas Which receives today on the occasion of the introductory presentation of the TV series Lifetime Progressive Achievement Award.

TV series summary django

The Transformation – With clear insights about files contemporary key – from U.S The classic of the western genre Occurred Sergio Corbucci Tells the story of the gunslinger django (Matthias Schoenaerts) who wants to discover Reality about the tragic massacre Of which family. But during this mission, the protagonist will find himself fighting for a more important ideal. We are involved Texas In the End subordinate 1800 The cowboy thinks he has lost his daughter, and Sarah discovers she is indeed alive. In fact, clues lead him to a crater-bottomed city, Babylon, where all the marginalized in society can find refuge backed by a principle Freedom And the equality. The girl, twenty years old, lives there with her partner John Ellis, the founder of the town, and is about to get married.

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Sarah, however, bearing in mind Responsible father subordinate massacre Of their family was killed many years ago when he was at war, he does not like being there and wants him to leave. But Django, determined to restore his relationship with his daughter, does his best to stay with her. In fact, he soon manages to become an important ally of Ellis who is grateful to him for defending Babylon from the onslaught of the powerful Lady of Elmdel, Elizabeth Thurman. The woman, who fears the city’s enemy, Ellis and Sarah, aims to eliminate it because it is inhabited by thieves and sinners.

Western genre, directed by Francesca Comcincini:I’m a rebel girl

Also today, after seeing the first two episodes of Django, there wasmatch with the film director From the TV series. And it is precisely on this occasion Francesca Comcincini reveal any Function he has the Western type In the course of his work life And the professional training: “As a girl I loved the West from the ’70s because they were Movie From insurgencyfrom rebellion. The protagonists have always been gods Antirose what was it Reverse shapes Energy: thermal anarchists. Both Italian and American Westerners of the time built a great story, one A black fairy tale for adults Where the directors were able to talk about that time. From the struggles of that time and the spirit of rebellion. he had An important role for me Training in personFrom rebellious girl.

Adaptation between tradition and modernity

In a second, the director also explains how she managed it reconciliation there tradition subordinate Movie From Sergio Corbucci In the contemporary subordinate a series. In this regard, he declares: “We knew we had one legendary tradition And we have it Respectable And the Honoring. At the same time we tried, first of all, the writers Leonardo Fasoli and Madalina Ravagli, to do what they did. This is it Talking about our time. And we did that through giving A great heroine for female characters Says a new type of hero. Even our Django is anti-hero, like his predecessors, with perhaps the most intimate crises, related to the emotional sphere. What we seem to be related to Manhood symbols today. And we also said world without bordersAnd the Full of From Differences. Where every person is different and in it is a utopia where everyone is welcome. But someone has afraid who are they diversity. Fear that leads to closure rival Which is beautifully embodied Nomi RapasAnd the female character. a Women who becomes more fierce guardian from U.S patriarchy We tried to understand what is behind his extremism.”.

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