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Children will go blind, a Canadian couple will take them around the world to fill their “visual memories” –

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From Alessandro Vinci

Three of the four children of Edith LeMay and Sebastien Pelletier were found to have retinitis pigmentosa. Parents: “We try to show them things they haven’t seen before.” Pictures posted on social media

A long trip around the world to absorb as much beauty as possible. Sweet family memories accumulate before dark. When for a Canadian couple Edith LeMay And the Sebastian Pelletier They were advised to fill in their second daughter, Mia, 11, with “visual memories,” and they felt there was only one valid way to do it: Leave it all together for an unforgettable adventure. “I thought, I’m not going to show you an elephant in a book – Tell woman CNN – I’ll take her to see a real elephant. I will fill his visual memory with the most beautiful and beautiful pictures I can.” The little girl, who started having eye problems since the age of three, was diagnosed with one problem retinitis pigmentosaAnd the A rare genetic condition Which determines the gradual loss of vision up to total blindness in the most severe cases. And the Then two of the couple’s other three children met the same fate in 2019: Colin (7 years old) and Laurent (5 years old), who started showing the same symptoms. The only person who “saved” his second son, Leo (9 years old), who survived the disease just by luck.

There is really nothing that can be done“The mother explained again how, unfortunately, there is no cure and no effective treatment to deal with the disease. He added, “We don’t know how fast you will advance, but We expect Mia, Colleen, and Laurent to go completely blind by middle ageHence the decision of Edith and Sebastian to fund their savings and without wasting time One year vacation with the four kids. This, however, is not before making them make a wish list: for example, Mia expressed those of horse riding, while little Laurent often wanted to drink juice on the back of a camel. The flight was originally scheduled to start in 2020, so the flight was able to start from Montreal airport last March, once the Covid emergency was eased. First stop: Namibia. Then came the turn ZambiaAnd the Tanzania And the turkey. Currently six instead Mongoliaand then it will be a turnIndonesia.

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We focus on landscape – Always explain to CNN Dad Sebastian – but also on animals and plants. We’ve seen amazing animals in Africa, but also in Turkey and elsewhere. We try to show our kids things they’ll never see
at home To make them live unbelievable experiences.” To prove it publicly, the footage was posted by the family on the accounts Instagram And the Facebook
Le monde plein leurs yeux (“The world fills their eyes”). And they are not missing either Valuable life lessons: “No matter how hard they are – Edith said – I wanted to show them that they are lucky just to have water in the house and to be able to go to school every day with nice colorful books.” The last countries you will visit before returning to Montreal have not been determined. What is certain is that every moment you will enjoy it to the fullest. With the hope, of course, that the future may hold very welcome surprises:Let’s hope science finds a solution – said Sebastian. Let’s cross our fingers for this.”

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