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galaxy S22 Ultra It had just one problem: a poorly optimized processor, which caused some performance hiccups and disrupted battery life. So Samsung decided to say goodbye to its CPUs Exynos: With Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 engine, S23 Ultra is a premium smartphone that everyone should check out.
By far, it’s the richest in uses, including business (with Knox and DeX functionality), very powerful, has an excellent battery, and is tucked into a rich and complete ecosystem. He is the only one with a digital pen (Mature S Pen) to write, take notes, draw, and send screenshots.
To all this has been added the most diverse and richest set of cameras on the market: the flagship is the new exaggerated 200 MP sensor, but above all it is the performance 3x and 10x optical zoom To give extra strength: The results are quite surprising 30X.

The only real limitations are the very large dimensions, the very high price and more upside compared to the previous generation (starting at €1,479).

Here are some pictures of the night:

(These reviews are published in the Mal di Tech column in the monthly edition of Sign In, on newsstands with Corriere della Sera once a month, on the last Monday of the month. We reproduce it here in a web-friendly format)

Surface Pro 9 It is a two-in-one maturity for Microsoft. Rugged, stylish and functional even as a tablet thanks to Windows 11: perfect for working on the go, but consider the record-breaking battery. The autonomy is a real 10 hours of office use, under wifi. If you want 5G, you have to choose Windows 11 on Arm edition and Microsoft SQ processor). The portability and versatility of the product is unparalleled, thanks to the innovative back stand that has thousands of different possible positions. It’s a pity that the performance, with its 12th Gen Intel Core i5 1235U and integrated video card, is “just” for the office (or a little more), and all for a hefty price: it starts at €1,329 on the list. Unfortunately, the stylus and especially the keyboard, the basic (the recess that houses the Surface Pen is excellent), is still paid separately and not much.

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The Phoenix Urban Planner: A Review (Short)

Have you ever wanted to use wireless earphones and the box was empty? Phoenix Urbanista (149 euros) powered (too) by sunlight. The charge happens through Powerfoyle paper, a patented material that converts photons into energy. We’ve already seen him in action at Urbanista Los Angeles. However, in this case, they were of the “cuffioni” type in which the arch, when outdoors, could be directly exposed to sunlight. In this case they are true wireless headphones. Urbanista has tried to go above and beyond and the case is huge (for the category). Recharging is quite monotonous, though, and definitely lower than in Los Angeles (you can check charge and discharge levels in real time, via the app). And the headphone case, unlike the headband, by its very nature fits in your pocket. But the Phoenix has a good sound and has an excellent basic autonomy, 8 hours.

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