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Do you fly into space in a hot air balloon? The United States, Japan and France are working on it

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A Japanese startup has decided to propose a test flight in a capsule attached to a hot air balloon in 2023, which will allow observation of the Earth’s curvature. Even the United States promises to “fly” in space while you are comfortably seated in an armchair, inside a very luxurious cabin, with a bar and connected wifi. Ticket price? $125,000 “only”

a Japanese startup – As I mentioned before printing – He decided to propose for the year 2023 a test flight in A capsule attached to a hot air balloonwhich must be able to hover in flight to the point of being allowed to do so Note the curvature of the Earth. The price for participating in this experiment is not yet known, but it would almost certainly be much less than the $55 million required for a commercial flight with a shuttle. A cheaper solution designed for the near future would be it instead flyby in the middle of the stratosphere (Between 10 and 50 km of altitude). In addition to Japan, the countries working on these futuristic hot air balloons are France (with companies like Zephalto, Stratoflight, and Expleo) e United Statewith World View Enterprise.

The United States is also among the pioneers of this new type of tourism: Americans promise customers of the future the possibility of observing the curvature of the Earth and the blackness of space. All while they are comfortably seated in an armchair, inside an ultra-luxurious cabin that will be flown to high altitude by giant balloon. To submit this trip is space perspective, which recently showed public photos of the cabin interior of the spacecraft and hopes to begin launches from the Kennedy Center in Florida from the end of 2024. More than 600 tickets have already been sold. the price? “only” $125,000 each. The spacecraft is equipped with glass one and a half meters high: the “service” is completed by wrapping the seats and the lighting system with purple lights. On the plane, passengers will also have the opportunity to use a real bar (similar to any “land” bar) and a Wi-Fi connection.

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The Japanese Keisuke Iwaya He stated that it took ten years to perfect his design. Originally, Iwaya was limited to launching GoPro-equipped balloons, taking pictures “from space”. Then he decided that he himself would go into space, as well as his balloons. Working with scant resources (including JTB, a Japanese travel agency), his Sapporo-based company designed a two-seat cabin, T-10 Earther, that’s perfectly capable of withstanding the pressure and cold at that altitude. .

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