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Hungary, Viktor Orban wins the hand for the fourth time: “I beat everyone”

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Orban: “I beat everyone, Hungary first!” –

“Our fourth victory in a row is the most important, because we won power against an opposition that was allied. They all aligned and we won anyway.” This was stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, declaring victory in the elections. He added, “We have also won at the international level. Against globalization. Against Soros. Against the main European media. And also against the Ukrainian president.” Finally, he said, “Fidesz represents a nationalist and conservative Christian force. It is the future of Europe. Hungary first!” Echoing the famous words of Donald Trump who said “America First!” Orbán’s speech was met with a standing ovation from his supporters.

The war in Ukraine also became an electoral topic –

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, had backed the opposition when, on the eve of elections in Hungary, he called Orban “the only one in Europe who openly supports Putin.” “I am not afraid to call the war after him – he attacked the Ukrainian head of state – this is called honesty, something that Viktor Orban lacks, perhaps missing somewhere in his relations with Moscow.” However, Zelensky’s criticism, added to those launched during the European summit, may be counterproductive. Fear spread among voters, instilled by pro-government propaganda, that the opposition would drag Hungary into war by allowing arms to pass into Ukraine.

There is also a shadow of vote fraud –

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, a non-governmental organization, reported voting irregularities. In Hortopaje, a town in eastern Hungary, the local government, according to activists, organized and announced buses to take people to vote. “The local election commission said this was illegal, but our activists – the NGO claims – identified a bus carrying them.” These accusations are added to the suspicions reported in recent days by several journalists who found burned ballot papers in Romania, in an area inhabited by the Hungarian minority. It is no coincidence that the OSCE sent – for the first time in an EU country – 200 observers to monitor the correct conduct of voting. Which promises to be more controversial than ever.

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Election winner, defeated in the referendum on the anti-homosexuality law –

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who won his fourth consecutive term on Sunday, was defeated in a referendum on a law banning the “promotion of homosexuality” at palaces. The referendum, which was held in conjunction with the elections, and was wanted by Orban himself, was invalid due to the lack of a quorum, as was the desire of human rights associations that campaigned in this sense. The law, issued in June 2021, prohibits viewing of any content depicting or promoting homosexuality or transsexualism to minors. It would have been feasible for Hungary to initiate a violation by the European Union.

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