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From Gian Guido Vicki

The Pope Emeritus responded to the file accusing him of covering up 4 cases

Vatican CityJoseph Ratzinger Who accuses the experts of “Mood promotion», publicityand “pure speculation” against him. And experts who consider his interpretations “disturbing”. c.Contains very challenging passages, The 1893-page Independent Report, Drafted by the legal firm Westpfahl Spilker Wastl, which is rebuilding 497 Child abuse committed in the Munich church
From the post-war period accuses Pope Emeritus ‘wrong behaviour’ because he did not act on ‘four issues’ when he was presiding over the Bavarian diocese, From 1977 to 1982

About seventy pagesin particular, is dedicated to the issues disputed by the then Archbishop and identified by Numbers 22, 37, 40 and 42. Ratzinger, we read, stated that “Every case of sexual assault and every mistreatment is horrific and irreparableHe expressed his deep sympathy with the victims of sexual abuse. His memory, at age 94, is apparently “still very good today” and when he says he “does not remember a particular person or event” it is not about uncertainty but rather the conviction that he “has never met the person or who does not know the facts or the document”.

Disputes, and responses excerpted from the 82-page defense briefThey share “doubts” and often harsh responses. Like when lawyers criticized Ratzinger for his knowledge of “Case 22,” a pastor convicted of child sexual abuse years earlier, because he had spent “decades” in the parish area and was friends with his successor. Ratzinger responded that he went on vacation there “only once, in August 1982,” and that the title “parish priest” given “was a routine procedure” and does not imply that he knew or knew the sentence.

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At this point, the outrage described in the report emerges: The Pope Emeritus responded to the lawyers that the “hypothesis is invalid and defamatory” and “attests to a significant degree of bias on the part of the experts.” Those who have abandoned their role of neutrality and objectivity and have fallen to the level of self-evaluation, if not pure propaganda and speculation, have stripped themselves.”

Considerations for Lawyers at Ratzingerwho often refers to lost grammar and a “spirit of the times” that differs from the current sense, is no longer mushy: “alleged ignorance consistently conflicts with the practice which experts can establish with both their predecessors and their successors.”

Benedict XVI will reply again in the coming days. Yesterday morning, Pope Francis, addressing the General Assembly of the former Holy Office, stated that “the Church, with God’s help, is resolutely carrying out her obligation to redress the victims of abuses committed by her members, thus forwarding the expected ecclesiastical legislation with particular attention and rigor.” In the meantime, the report in Monaco will have criminal consequences: The Prosecutor General’s Office has ordered an investigation into “42 cases” of “inappropriate” reports of the conduct of the search, the priests still alive or could be traced.

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